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4 VRELlMINAliY NOTE. Eaíly title-pagos, as in otlior countries, woro not infroquently printed in blaok and red, woro sometimos adorned with a vignetto, or were enclosed in a horder. Aftor 1743 tho titlo-page horo tho price at wliicli tlie book was sold, for a whilo in Jish (fiskar), or ells (álnir) of cloth—two Icelandic methods of reekoning valuos in thoso days—and afterwards in Danish Eigsdaler (M(), or Skillinger (/s). The place-name was in the dativo, often pro- cedod hy a preposition, so that we find, from 1578 to 1GS5 and from 1703 to 1799, a Jloolum (á Hólum), that is, “at Iíólar;” from 168G to 1696, i Skalhollle (í Skálhoiti), “in Skálliolt;” from 1773 to 1794, ad Hrappscy, “at Hrappsey;” from 1795 to 1812, Leirárgördum vid Lcirá, “at Loirárgarðar on the river Loir;” from 1816 to 1819, Beitislödmn, “at Boitistaöir;” and from 1820 to 1844, Videyar Klaustri, "at tlie convent of Viöey”—an island oneo tho site of a monastery. But this suhjoct of early Icelandic typography will ho more fuliy troa- ted lieroafter in connectiftn with a list of oxtant Icelandic books published during tlio XVItli contury. In this list titles earlier tlian tlie present century aro troatod with more fullness tlian those whicli hear later dates. A vignotte on tlio title-page is representod hy □. Fow ahhre- viations, beyond those indicating size, and tho ordinary ones for pagc, folio and signature, aro usod. Figures enclosed in brackets, as [12], indicate unnumbered folios or pagos, but in giving tlio contonts of works I have generally treated theso as if numbored. It is to he notod, moreover, tliat Copenhagon is, in its Icelandic form, Kaupmannahöfn, and, in its Danish, Kjohonliavn. In the index, as a matter of foreign custom and convenience, all porsonal names are ontorod under tlie surname (Sturluson, Snorri), though in puroly Ico- landic cognomens tho arrangement should properly he under the Christian name (Snoiuii Sturluson), which, hy nativc usage, is tho important element. My thanks are due, for information or suggostions, to tho offieials of tlie great Koyal Library at Coponhagon; to Professor Dr. Konrad Maurer of Munich, whoso knowledgo of Icoland, tlirougli thc wholo rango of its history, its litorature and its laws, is unequallod; to my friend, Dr. Björn Magnússon Olsen of tho Icelandic Collego; to Mr. Jón Borgfirðing- ur, tlio woll-known hihliographor; and especially to Mr. Jón Þorkelsson (oditor of tho works of tho poot, Stofán Ólafsson) and Mr. Ólafur Daviðsson—hoth of Coponliagon. Villa Forini, Florcnce, January 1886. W. F. PIiINCIPAL AUTHORiriES. B. M. Cat.—Catalogue of tho Books printod in Icoland from A. D. 1578 to 18S0 in tlio Library of tlio Britisli Museum. London 1885, f°. Bruun.—Bihliothoca Danica. Systematisk Fortognolso over den dansko Literatur fra 1482 til 1830, udgivon vod Chr. V. Bruun. Kjobonliavn 1872-188G. 2 vols. 4°. Finnur Jónsson.—Finni Joliannæi Iíistoria ecclesiastica Islandiæ. Havniæ 1772-1778. 4 vols. 4°. Hálfdan Einarsson,—Sciagraphia llistoriæ literariæ Islandicæ facit Halfdanus Einari. Havniæ 1777 (or 1786). 8°. Jón BorgfirJingur.—Stutt Eithöfundatal á íslandi 1400-1882. Skráð hefir Jón Borgfirð- ingur. Eeykjavík 1884. 8°. Mohius, Catalogus.—Catalogus Librorum Islandicorum Ætatis mediæ, Theodorus Möbius edidit. Lipsiæ 1856. 8°. Möhius, Verzeichniss.—Verzoiclmiss der auf dem Gcbieto dor altnordischon Spracho und Litoratur von 1855 his 1875 erscliienonen Sclirifton, von Th. Möbius. Loipzig 1880. 8°. Nycrup and Kraft.—Almindeligt Litteraturlexicon for Danmark, Norgo og Island, ved E. Nyerup og J. C. Kraft. Kjobenhavn 1820. 4°. Worm.— Forsog til ot Lexicon over dansko, norsko og islandsko Lærdo Mænd, af Jens Worm. Kjohenhavn 1773-1784. 3 vols. 8°.

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