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BOOKS PBINTED IN ICELAND BETWEEN 1578 AND 1844. 1. Lögbok | Islendinga, Hueria samanl Hojbui' Sett Magnus Noregs Kongr, | Lopligrar ininningar, So sem lians | Brep og Formalo vottar. | Yporlesin Epter ]>eim Kiettustu x eil- ' stu | Logbokusem til liapapeingizt. | OgPren- tud epter Bon og Eorlage Heid|arligs Mans .Tons Jons sonar | Lögmans. | 1578 At cnd, Þryckt a Holum i liiallta | Dal ap Jone Jons syne lJann I Pyrsta Dag Maii. Manadar | Ano Dö. | 1578. 8.° ff. [270]; sig. A-I*, Aa-Ll (of which L1 in 4); flf. 25G and 276 blank; Gotliic letter; pago-lines (exclu- sive of running title and catchwords) 22; catchwords on cacli pago; 4-line and 8-lino Gotliic cliapter initials; or- nanients; lines 1, 6, 7 and 11 of title-page in red; on roverse of title-folio a full-page woodcut, an erect hnman figure with crown and nimbus, a halberd in his left hand, aud behind him a crouched, crowned liuman-headed beast—in tho upper left corner of tlie cut the designcr’s mark between tlie letters C and T, in tlie lower riglit corner tlie date 1535. Contents:—Title-folio ; Magnus Kongs Bref, flf. 2a-4b ; text—Þingfarar Balkur, cap. I-IX, 5a-lGa; Cliristindoms Balkur (Ivougs Erfder), cap. I-XI, lGa-26b; Kongs Þegnskylldu, cap. I—III, 27a-30a; Mannliel- gi, cap. I-XXXI, 30a-60a; Kuenna Giptingar, cap. I-VI, G0a-G7a; Erfdatal (Arfa tökur), cap. I-XXVIII, G7a-68a; Framfærslu Balkur, cap. I-XIII, 86a-99a; Landabrig- da Balkur, cap. I-XII, 99b-109a; Landzloigu Balkur, cap. I-LIX, 109a-lG5a; lteka Balkur, cap. I-XII, 165a- 177b ; Kaupa Balkur, cap. I-XXVI, 177b-199a; Farman- na Log, cap. I-XXVII, 199a-219a; Þiofa Balkur, cap. I- XXIII, 219a-234b; index, 235a-255b; blank leaf; Itietta Bækur, 257a-272b; Kong Christians Bref, 273ab; emen- dations (Hier epter fylgia nockrar | Sierligar Laga grci- ner vm hueriar | at ei saman ber ollu Logbokum), 274a- 275a; colophon 275b; blank leaf.—This is the first secu- lar work printed in Iceland. Tliere are two issues, the earlier ono as described (1578); the latcr, omitting the place but witli tlie date 1580 at the end, has a revised text of a portion at least of tlie introductory letter of King Magnus llákonsson; it also lacks tlie three final folios (274-27G, tliat is, sig. L1 2-4), but has substituted in their stead four fully printed folios, without signature, the first (274ab) containing an explanatory and apolo- getic noto by tlie editor, the otliers (275a-277b) tlie emen- dations appended to the original issue with interspersed additional ones (Ilier epter fylgia hinar sier-|ligostu Laga greiner, Iluar vm þessaro | Bok ber eigi saman vid adrar | Logbækur). In liis note of explanation the editor states, evidently in rcsponse to adverse criticisms, that the text is not regarded as absolutely perfect, but that tlie code, as liere printed, can be used, provided the cor- rections indicated are properly raade; the places to whieli tliese corrections refer are marked in this 1580 issuc, as tlie editor notes, by a in the margin; the later issue may, tlierefore, be recognized by these hand- stamped, marginal ÖQr* s. It has bccn thought, possibly without sufticient ground, that tlie substituted leaves at the end wero printed atNúpufell; but on examination it will bc found that the llólar imprint before the date, in the first issue (275b),may very likely have been omit- ted in tlie second simply for lack of space. Neitlier of tlicse two issui s is to be confounded witli a subscqucnt Hólar cdition of tlie same work, of whicli tlie very few existing copics seem to be all \yithout title-page or col- ophon; no date is given in any of these-copies, but tlie edition has becn ascribed, correctly or incorrectly, to the year 1582.—The British Museum copy of tliis first edition of the code of laws known as the Jónsbók (B. M. Cat. col. 1)—having a defective title-page and otlier slight imperfections—appears to be of the later issue, but to liave two of tlie three supprcssed final folios of the ear- lier issue inserted at the end. Tlie Koyal Library of Co- penhagen possesses two copies of the original issue, one of wliich is printed on vellum, and a copy of the second issue—botli bcing more or léss imperfect. Thc present copy is, as stated, of tlie earlier issue, is remarkably clean and fresh, and is absolutely complote. It belonged, in tlie first instaucc, to King Frederick tho Second of Denmark, for wliom it was bound, according to tlie em- bossed date, in 1579—the year after publication—and bears liis arms in gilt on one cover, and tliose of liis eonsort, Queen Sopliia, in silver, on tlie other. After that monarcli’s deatli it passed, in 1594, into the hands of Jolian Bocliolt—as his autograph attests—wlio resided in Iceland during most of the years bctween 15G9 and his death in 1G02, and for a considerable portion of tlie period was tlie island’s röyal govcrnor (höfuðsmaður); in 1G30 tlie volume was owned by the German historian and jurist Christophor Besold, one of the fly-leaves having liis da- ted autograph; in 1659, the year after Besold’s demise, it appertaincd to the library of the Suabian Benedictine abbey of Weingarten, and ultimatcly found its way into the private library of tlie present King of Wirtemberg, wlionce it was sold. It is not unlikely that it may have been originally a gift from Governor liocholt to King Frederick. At the date of its publication the former was on intimate terms with Bp. Guðbrandur Þorláksson, under wliose dircction the Hólar press then was; later, he, as well as the editor of tlie Jónsbók—the presiding justice (lögmaður) of Iceland’s chicf court, Jón Jónsson, a man of great mark in his generation—became the Bisliop’s fiercest enemics.—Sce Möbius (Catalogus, 119). 2. Catechismvs | Sön, Einpolld | og lios Ytskyring Christeleg-JraFræda, semer Grund- vollnr Trular vorrar og Sailuhialpar Lær- doms, | Ap þeim liellstu Greinum Heilagrar | Bibliu, hennar Historium og Bevijsinjgum sa- manteken, Grude Almattugu | til Lops og Dyr- dar, en AlmAvg|anum til Gagns x goda. | = | Yr Donsku vtlogd, og | Prentud a Ilolum. I Anno i-l MDCX. 8.° ft'. [320]; sig. A—Þ, Aa-Qq; ornaments on title- page (=) and elsewliere; 22 woodcuts in tho text, of wliich the lst, llth, 12th, 13th, 21st and 22d are noarly full-page, the othcrs half-page; paginal catchwords and signatures; the final page (320b) blank; the last printed page (320a) closes with the word ENDEll. Con- tents:—Title-page; introduction (by Bp. Guöbrandur Þorláksson), ff. lb-5b; preliminary hymn (“Kistan læst ef gulled glæst”), signed Arngrímur Jónsson, Gab ; expla- nation of the book’s title (Hvad merker | Þetta Ord Cat- echismus), 7a-8b; table of contents, 8b; text—pt. i., 9a- 130b; pt.ii., 131a-222a; pt.iii., 222b-278b; pt.iv., 278b- 297a; pt.v., 297b-320a; abbrcviations of the titles of tlie scriptural books, 320a.—The Catechismus major, popu- larly ascribed to Luther, and styled ‘Fræði liin meiri,’ translated froin a Danisli version. Tliis is tlie first edi- tion; the date of the second, as given in Bp. Harboc’s list. of Icelandic theological works in use in his time (Ddnische Bibliothec, I-IX, Copenhagen 1738-49, vii., G47-GGG—see p. 651) is 1G18, but according to Finnur Jóns- son (iii., 380) and Hálfdan Einarsson (217) 1G19; thougli the existeuce of such an edition is rendered doubtful by the fact that tlie editions of 16G9 and 1691 are respectively 2

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