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IN ICELAND. 9 [ M. Theodorvm Thorla[civm [ Bpiscopum Schalholtinum vigilantis|simum, Officinam Typögraphicam | Schalholtum transferentem, | ibidem | qve libros sacros publico Eccle- siæ | bono excudi curantem | odc; it commences:—IIo- lcnsc8 vidcre typos fautori\hus orbos | Cadminigcllœ Jiliw. Botli these poems are in tbe Latin letter. On p. 385, following tlie close of tlio ‘Paradisar Likell,’ preceded by tlie page-number and with tlie catchword Mor- at the bottom, is this long sub-title:— Appendix | Morgun Psaljmar og Knolld Psalmar, til | sierliuors Dags i Vikune, med sio | Ydranar Psalmu Kongs Davids. | Saman- setter aa Danskt Twngumail | ap þeim Edla t Vcl Eruverduga Herra | Thomas Kingo | Bis- kupe Fions Stigtis i Danmnrk. | En ar vort Islendskt Moo-|durmail miuklega wtsetter ap þoim | Gudhrædda og gaifum giædda | Ken- nemanne: | S. Stephan Olapssino | adVallane- se, Profaste i Mw'la Dijnge. J Med fngrum To- num og listelegum | Melodiis. | — | Psalm. 96. Sijnged Drottne nijan | Lopsaung, Sijnge Drottne oll Verolden, | Sijngied Drottne og Loped hans Napn, | Kungiored dag pra deige hans Hiadpræde. The work which follows this title-page (pp. 385-448) coustitutes tlie origiual edition of the poet Stefán Olafs- son’s version of tlie morning and evening hymns of tlie Danisli bisliop, T.Kingo (1634-1703); tlie translation was 8ubsequently reprinted in tlie Icelandic cliurch liymnbooks of Ilólar 1751 and 1772 (sce Jón Þorkolsson’s edition of ‘Kvæöi eptir Stefán Ólafsson,’ Kaupmannahöfn 1885-86, ii., 314-316). Tlie British Muscum possesses either tliis Kingo portion of the present work, or a Scparatahdruch of it, lacking a title-pago (B. M. Cat., 5).—Tliis edi- tion of tlie work frequcntly called ‘Forfeðra bænabók’ is of considerable interest in the typograpliical liistory óf Icoland. It was the first book printed at Skálholt, tlie scat of tlie soutliern see. After the death of tlie Nortli- ern bisliop, Gisli Þorláksson, in 1684, liis brotlier, Þórb- ur Þorláksson, bisliop of Skálliolt, claimed the Hólar press by riglit of iuheritance, although it seeras to liave been legally tlie property of the see of Hólar. Christian V. was induced to sanction liis claim, and for a while tlie prcss was established at Skálliolt, where it was very active and well directed so long as bishop Þórður lived. That lie, as well as the moro immodiate managers of the priuting-liouse, felt tho importance of sucli an event as the issuo of tlie first work ever printed in tlie soutliern provinces, is evident from tlie goneral cliaracter of tlie typograpliy, from the specially cngraved titlc-page, from the unusually formal style of tlie imprint, from tlie sol- cmn dodication to the Trinity, from tho precise date at the end of tlie dedicatory preface, from tlic congratulatory Latin odes prefixed and affixcd to tlie work, and from thc statement, thrice made, of the circurastances attend- ing tlie publication. The following hoad-lines occur among tliose preceding tlie dedicatory letter:— Er þetta sw pyrsta Book sem wtgein geii er ai Prent, i Skalliollte. Later in the letter tlie bisliop goes into the matter more at length:—“And now, since my gracious lord and her- cditary king lias permitted and empowered me to bring tho printing-office hitlier to Skálholt, and to make uso of it liere, therefore it behooves me to sec to it that, above all, tlie establishment become a praise and honor to Almiglity God, and tliat it be of utility and profit to tlie Christian churcli and to tliis my nativo country; just as my good forefathers and predeccssors exliibited towards it groat care and diligence, and especially my revered forefatlier and great-grandfatlier, Bp. Guhbrandur Þor- láksson, who first raised tliis printing-office and set it to work here in tlie land at Hólar, to tlie great gain and advantage of many Christian souls; and next, his suc- cessor and grandson, my dcar fatlier, Bp. Þorlákur Skú- lason, wlio, in his time, mightily improved and renewed it; tlie praisewortliy examplo of which blessed men of God was scrupulously followed, during all the period of liis life and office, by my beloved brotlier, Bp. Gísli Þor- láksson; wherefore all their good names shall be immor- tal so long as this land sliall be peopled. Now lias God directed and ordained tliat this goodly establishment shall follow in tlie line of tlie sainted Guðbrandur, tlie wliich may God also grant me to use, and to liave used, so that it may bc to tlie praise and glory of his most lioly name, and to tlie profit and bencfit of my country! Of all those books which liave not latterly been printed, I thouglit nonc more proper to bo cliosen than tlie present work, tlie Mcditationcs Sacrorum Patrum, wliich Bp. Guð- brandur had printedat Hólar once and again, and perliaps oftener; and my blessed father, Bp. Þorlákur Skúlason once, it being tlie last book which lie caused to be prin- ted at Hólar in 1655. Now, as I see from tlie preface of my good ancestor, Guhbrandur, that lie dedicated and inscribed this same book to liis countrymen, so will I, following liis worthy example, dedicate and offer it (as the first work of tlie printing-liouse at Skálliolt) to you, my dear countrymen, as a sliglit token of my service and remembranco.” In tlie second preface the bishop ex- plains that lic lias changed only tlie title of tlio book, substituting for the Latin one tlie Icelandic ‘Paradisar Likell;’ states tliat it was originally compiled by tliat godly man, Martinus Mollerus, aud translated by Bp. Guðbrandur; gives further reasons for its selection ad hun vcrda sícyllde þad fyrsta verk sem liicr j Skalhollte ictgcinge; and commends the hymns translatcd by Stcfán Olafsson, which are added as au appendix to this edi- tion. He had already announced, in the letter of dedi- cation, that lie sliould soon print a Ilarmonia Evangeli- ca, compiled by tliose learned men, Martinus Chemnitius, Polycarpus Lyserus and Johannes Gerliardus.—See no. 9. 19. Dominicale | 3?ad er I Gudspioll ogi Pistlar med almenelegum | Collectum, sm i Kyrkiusopnude-|num lesast Aared umkrijng ai | Suiiudogum x odrum Helgú | ? Haitijdes dogum | Hier med pylger Stutt | Handbok vm Barnaskijrn, Hiona|vijgslu, Siukra vitian, Framlidjenna Jardan og nockud pleira | sem KenemanleguEmbæt-jte vidvijkur. |—| Þryckt i Skalhollte j ap Hendrick Kruse Anno 1G86. 12°. ff. [240]; sig. A—V; paginal catcliwords; orna- ments; 2, 3 and 4-line initials; on reverse of title-folio woodcut, witli scriptural quotations (Esa. 52 and Luc. 11) above and bolow, and 61 additional woodcuts in the text). Contcnts:—Title-folio; gospels and epistles, ff. 2a-157b; collects, l58a-159a; citation from Isáiali (witli woodcut of Crucifixion), 159b; story of tlie Passion (Ilisto- ria Piinuliar), 160a-182b; story of the ltesurrection (Histo- ria Upprisunar), 183a-193b; prayers, by J. Avenarius, 193b-195a; Ein Almenneleg Handbook fyrcr einfallda Presta, 195b-222a; Vm Freystadar Mann-jeskiur, 222a- 228a; prayer, by J. Olearius, 228b; Textar og Bæner, 229a-210b.—A title page to tlie ‘Ilandbook fyrcr Presta’ fills f. 195b; and on f. 229atlie following moro elaborate title-page preccdes tho ‘Textar og Bæner,’ which occupy tlio last signature (V), and were evidcntly printed so that tliey miglit be sold separately:— Textar og Bæner | Sem eptor ]>ess Stor- mektugasta | Arpa Ivongs og Herra | Kongs | Christians | Fimta, Haailoplegustu og Gud- ræ-ikelegustu_ Bipalningu brwkast eiga Ar| lega, ar almenelegum Fostu og Bæna- doigo, sem er sa pioorde Fostu'dagur eptor Baiska. j GODe Almaittugum pyrst og premst | tilLops og Dyrdar. | D |—j Prentad i Skailhollte Ano 1686. The circular vignette on this title-page is tlie crowned and enwreatlied monogram of Christian V.—The first book of,ritual in Icelaudic was propared by the Hólar bisliop,Olafur Iljaltason,in 1552(‘Einbok medCollectum, Pistlum oc Gudzspiollum’), but printed pcrhaps somewhat later; the sccond odition seems to liave been tliat issued at Hólar in 1617 ; the edition of Hólar 1670 first bears thc title of‘Dominicale.’ The present Skálholt edition was, followed by tliose of Hólar 1706, 1725 aud 1750. A Ma- nual for tlie clergy (‘Almenilig liandbok fyrer l>inga Pre- sta’) was set fortli by Marteinn Einarsson, bishop of Skálliolt, at Copenliagen in 1555, and similar ones liavo been frequently printod, eitlier witli tlie Dominicale, or separately. 20. Sio | Gudrækele-jgar Vm]>einkingar,[ Edur | Eintal Cliristens mans | vid sialpann sig, livorn Dag j | Vilcunne, ad Kvollde og | Morgne. | Samanteknar ap Syra | Hallgrijmo Peturssyne Soknar | Preste pordum ad Saur- 3

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