(17) Blaðsíða 11 (17) Blaðsíða 11
IN ICELAND. 11 simply a ncw title-pagc issue of thc 2d volumo of theso postils as printed in 170G, for in tlie preface to tlie Mcdi- tationum Litancvticarilm Tctras publislied at the same time (seo tho followiug title), Bp. BjÖrn Þorleifsson, then tlio director of tlic Hólar press, says, under date of Marcli 15, 1706, 'tliat yielding to many cxpresscd regrots that copies of Bp. Gisli’s postils, espccially of thc sum- mer part (tliat is, from Trinity to Advent) should have so diminlslied in number, lie had, durmg the winter, caused to bo printed Sumar-parteu þar hn liefr sialldnar l>ricktur vered. Nono of the bibliographies mention this 1710 cdition. 26. Meditationum Litanevticarum Te- tras. | Þad er | Pioorar Ydrunar Predik-janer, a ])afi Almenele"a Ydrunar, Bæna og Bet-|ru- nar Dag, sem Arlega halldast aa, | Epter| Kongl. Majest. Allra Naidugustu Bopaling, | Pann Pioorda Postudag epter Paiska. | Priair þeirra til Haimossu, | Vt af þeim Snaimafilega Texta, Esa. 55. Capitula, | v. tí, 7. | En ein wt ap hinum Evangeliska, Matth. 3. Capitula, v. 8, 9, 10. | Hvnrium ad pilger | Ein Bænar og Packlætis Predikun, | sem lesast mar i Hwsenu, | Pan pirsta Vetrar Dag. | Samaíiskripadar ed Ein- paldlegasta | Af | Byrno Thorleifs Syne, | Su- per. Hoola St. |—| Þricktar ad niju a Hoolum 1 Hialltadal, Anno 1710. 4°. ff. [44]; sig. A—L; initials and ornaments; pag- inal signatures and catchwords; on reverse of title-folio 2 woodcuts (Moses and Christus), witli scriptural passa- ges. Contcnts :—Title-folio ; prcface (Aullum Sany- drande Maneskium), dated 1705 and signed by tlie au- thor, Bp. Björn Þorlcifsson (b. about 1562, d. 1710), f. 2ab; sermon i., 3a-10a; sermon ii., 10a-17b; sermon iii., 17b- 29b; sermon iv., 29b-3Gb ; prayer, 36b-38a; Hwsslestur, 38b-43a; prayers, 43b-44a; errata, 44b.—This work is cited in this edition only by Hálfdan Einarsson (232). Tliough having a separate title-page and distinct signa- tures, it is rcally an appendix to the Gíslapostilla (see preceding number), tlic errata boing common to both. 27. Alpijnges | Boken, | Hapande ine ad liallda had sem giordest og pranim- poor inan Vobanaa a Almenelegu 0xar;ur | l-’ijngo, An- no 1719. | Þrickt a Hoolum i Hialltadal, ap Marteine Arnodds-Syne. 4°. ff. [28]; sig. A—G; initials; ornament (f. 28a); paginal signatures and catchwords; title and imprint at top of f. la. Contcnts:—Title, f. la; text (nos. I-XXXIX), la-27a; index, 27b-28a; open letter, sigued Paall Vida- lin, 28b.—In tho Copenhagen ltoyal Library there is a se- ries, partly iu manuscript, partly in print, of the proceed- ings of the annual Icelandic Althing extending from 1G22 to 1800, lacking only tliosc for the years 1788-1794, and for the final year, 1800, wliich last exists in thoUni- versity Library of the same city (Bruun, i., 694). The re- cord, down to about the middle of tlie XVIIIth century, was always prefaced by the invocation to the Trinity, ‘í Nafni Ileilagrar Þrenningar;’ whereupon followed thelist of those present, or of tlioso acting as a jadicial bcnch, and tlien a protocol of the cases tried, public pro- clamations made, resolutions passcd, official communica- tions publisliod, and otlier acts. Thc printed series ap- parontly includcs the following years :—1696-97, printed at Skálholt; 1704, 1713-16, 1718-28, 1731-32, 1731-37, 1743-56, 1758, 1765-69, 1771, all from the Hólar press ; 1773-94, printed at llrappscy ; and 1795-1800, printed at Leirárgarðar—making a total of 73 volumes. All are in quarto cxcept tliose frora tho Leirárgarðar press, wliicli arc in octavo. They rango in size from 20 pages to 104. Most of thoso in quarto are supplied with aií index, in wliicli the Cases, or subjects treated (postar), are referred to by brief titles in the order of their numbers. Several liave no proper title-pages, tlie title in sucli cases, being at the liead of tlio first page and followed immediately by the text. Some have vignettes on their titlo-pages— oithcr tlie crowned stock-fish or the crownedmonogram of tlic reigning king. For the ycar 1768 there was publishcd only an Extract|af|Lpg-Þingis-Rettor Protocollen | Anno MDCCLXIIX, not printed until tho following year, but from a note of tlie printcr it would seom tliat tlie Alþing- isbók of 1768 liad left tlic press at tlie usual timo, and liad beon suppressed by order of the amtman Steplien- peu. Thc issue for 1795 (the first in octavo) is styled an Agrip | þess, | er giordist og framfór | fyrir | Logþingis- Rettiuum,| Arid 1795. Theso are the principal irregular- ities.—The earliest printed Alþingisbók bears tlie stock- fisli coat of arms, and lias the following title:— Alþyngis | Booken | Hapade jne ad liallda ]iad sem ginrdest og prammpoor jfian ( Veban- daa\ almenelegu 0xarair-Þinge j Anno 1690. j □ | Epter Osk og porlage VolEdla og Velbur- digs Hr. Christijans Mullor til Katterup. Kongl. Mayst. Amptmans alslande, etc. | Samt Alvarlegre Vmbeidne Logmana beggia, Hr. Sigvrdar Bj jornssonar % Hr. Lavridtsar Christ- ianssonar j Gottrup, Eirnen Landpings skri- farans Sofren Matihyssonar, | Med Consens og Samþyeke (icss Hailoplega Cancelli Collegii j | Kaupenhafn. | — | Prentud j Skalhollte, Ap Joone Snorrasyné, Anno 1696. It is in quarto, and compriscs 14 unnumbored folios (sig. A-D). Afterwards, until 1743, there is no full title- page, the titlo being placed on the first page and prece- ding tlie beginning of the text, as in the issuo for 1704 (tlie first printed at Hólar):— Alpinges | Booken | Ilafande ine ad hallda pad sem giordest og frammfoor inaíi Vebanda ai almenelegu 0xarai Þinge, Anno 1704. | Þrickt ai Hoolum i Hialtadal, Ap Marteine Arnoddsyne | Anno 1704. This title continues, with sliglit modifications, until 1731, wlicn it is esseutially clianged:— Alpijnges | Boken, | Inelialldande pad sem giordast og frammpoor i Log-|rettu a 0xarair Alpijnge, | Anno M. DCC. XXXI. | Þryckt a Hoolum i Hialltadal, Ap Marteine Arnodds- syne. In 1743 tlie title was greatly simplified:— Logpiinges | Boken, | Anno M. DCC. XL. III. | Þryokt a Hoolum □ i Hialltadal, | Af Marteine Arnoddssyne. | Anno 1743. The vignette is the stock-fish arms. From tliis time the publication is ofiicially styled ‘Lögþingisbók.’ In 1751 the title is again longthoned;— Log-Þijnges | Booken, | Anno 1751. | Ine- lialldande pad er giordest og framfoor fyrer Logpijnges-Itottenum. | Þryokt ai Hoolum □ i Hialitadal | Anno 1751. The Altliings of 1799 and 1800—the last ones—were held, not on the banks of the öxará, but in the new capital, Reykjavik. Tho title of the final Alþingisbók is as follows:— Lö"-Þíngis | Bokin, | innilialdandi pad.j er giordist og framfór j fyrir | Logpíngis-Rét- tinum, | Arid 1800. | □ | — 1 Leirárgordum vid Leirá, 1800. | Prentud a kostnad Islands al- mennu Uppfræding-|ar Stiptunar, | af Factóri og Bókprycltjara Gr. J. Schagfjord. It is an octavo of 62 pagos, the titlc-page vignettc being tlie crowned monogram of Christian VII.—Tlie Britisli Museum Catalogue registers the Alþingisbœkur for 1773 and 1779 (coll. 13, 14); tlie present listcontains the titles of those for 1719-20, 1716-48, 1752, 1765, 1771, 1778, 1780-86 and 1788 (see nos. 28, 42, 49, 53, 58, 60, 61, 72, 75, 79, 82, 86, 88, 92 and 93). 28. Alpijnges | Boken, Hapande iíie ad hallda pad sein giordest og pramm-|poor inan Vebanrla a almenelugu 0xarair j Pijnge, Anno 1720. | Prickt a Iloolum i Hialltadai, ap Mar- teine Arnodds-Syno. 4°. ff. [S9J; sig. A—K ; paginal catclnvords. Con- tents:—Title, f. la; text (nos. I—XLIV), f. la-36b-[— The copy lacks ff. 1, 37-39, but has tlie title supplied in MS. 29. Psalterium Passionale | Edur | Pijs- lar-Psal-|tare|Vt Ap | Piinv Og Davda | DROtt- efis vors JEsu Christi, | Med Lærdoms-pullre

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