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BOOKS PRINTED IN ICELAND BETWEEN 1578 AND 1844 [SECOND LIST]. 1. Biblia Parva. | Edur | Yor Almenelegur J Cajtechismus, med sialfum ( Ritningarenar Ordum | stuttíega vtlagdur. | YrLatinu Mailo a | Norrænu. | Ap | Arngrimo Jons | Syne. | Anno Domini | M. D. XC; | ).( At encl, Þrykt a Holum j Hialltadal. | 159G. 12.° ff. [51]; sig. A-E, the last in G; all tlie pages, including tho title-pagc , in a line bordcr; page-lines, 22, j exclusive of signature line; paginal catcliwords. Con- ; tents:—Title-page; 3 Biblical citations (Psalra. 119, Gal: 3,°Act: 10), f. [l]b; text, lludr er þijn einka Iluggú, divided into CXXIII numbered sections, íF. [2]a-[54]a, ending FINIS; Errata, [54]ab; Nota (explan- atory of references to the Bible), [54]b ; colophon, [54]b, bottom.—Tlie title-pago date is probably the date of translation; tlie word “Catecliismus” in tlie title is “Catechisinus,” tlie sm being made up of the digrapli si and n.—Tlie title, ‘Biblia parva,’ appears to be given by thc translator, as the volunie bears sliglit resemblanco to any of the numerous so designatcd carly publications in German and Latin.—Arngrímur Jónsson, one of the most learnedmen ofhis day (15G8-1G48), is better known outside of Iceland by liis Latinized name of Arngrimus Jonæ (or Jonas). There was another edition of the ‘Biblia Parva’ in 1622 (Bruun, I., 2G1). 2. Antidotvm J Þad or | Ein Ivröptug Læk-|ning vid þeirre hrædelegre I og skadle- gro Smlar-Jenar Astrydu sem kall-[ast | Au- ruilnan. | Samsett Latinu af Doot. | Niels Hemings syne, En [ a Islensku vtlaugd | af [ Gudmundo Einars | Syne. | Anno. 159G. At cnd, 1-Tykt a Ilolum Anno: | 1597. 12.° ff. [54]; sig. A-E , the last in G; paginal catch- words; page-lines, 24, but tliis applies only to pages wholly iu the smaller of the two sizes of type employed, citations from the Bible being in tlie larger; the title- page date is probably that of the translation. Con- tcnts:—Title-folio, reverse blank; text, ff. [2]a-[50]a, closing witli FINIS; note, So ei sie Pappireíi audur, | þa eru liier settar nöckrar [ Greiner, teknar hia þili lieilögu | Lærepedrum, liliodande vpp|a sama Epne, ! sem | Bæklingurenn., f. [50]b, bottom; extracts from the Fatliers, Iiuad stutt og Failuallt | ad er þetta Lijp., [51]a-[54]a; coloplion, [54]a, bottom, reverso of final folio blank. Tlie Antidotum advcrsuspcstcm despcrationis of the Danish reformer, Niols Hemmingsön , or Nicolaus Hemmingius (1513-1600), was first publishod in 1590; but tliis Icelandic version was probably made from tho Copenhagen edition of 1595; tlie translator, Gubmundur Einarsson, rector of the college of Hólar and pastor of Stabastaður, died about 1648. A second edition of tlio translation appeared at Hólar in 1G00, printcd with the ‘Huggunar Bæklingur’ of Steiber (sec no. 6). The copy of tlie present edition owned by the Copenhagen Royal Library is defective, lacking tlie final G folios (sig. E). ornamcnt (bókaliniitur); the signatures in Gs are so printed in consequenco of the difficult icomposition, at tiiat time, of the tables tliey contain; tho reverse of tlie final folio is blank; tlie tablcs of tlie months occupy, in cach instance, two pages, the reverso of one folio and tho obverse of the following one; paginal catcliwords. Contents :—Title-pagc; tables of the montlis : Janua- rius | liepur Daga xxxj., iT. [l]b-[13]a; Lijtil Vtskyring Calcndarij., in sections numbered I-XVIII, [13]b-[28]a; closing distiches, Lectori S:, and, below, the initials A: J:; table of tlie rise aud set of the sun, Nær Sol kiemur vpp, x gein|gur vuder, Nordan Lands, [28]b- [29]a.—Each month is accompanied by 4 disticlies, and mauy versified aids to tlie memory are scattered among thc matter following tlie tables of tlie months—mattor which treats of the metliod of finding various dates, tlio Golden Letter of tlie year, divisions of the seasons, pliases of tho moon, cliurch festivals etc. The closing couplets (Lectori S:) on f. [28]b aro as follows: — Rijmvijsur riett samali, Raidsuinur nam spinna, Haii ed kuyta kuúe, Kiæn Liod a Norrænu , Kund eg greine Guöndar, Godmentan og prodaú, Olap, huör nu liepur, Heimgang a Saudtanga. This stanzais by Olafur Gubmundsson, pastor of Sauða- ncs from 1571 to 1608. He translated from the Latin of John Cisinge (JanusPanonius) the 12 four-line stanzas on tlic montlis, whicli precede it, Cisio Ian: Alonosyllabum., [27]a-[28]a, and was, possibly, the author of other verses in the ‘Calendarium.’ The initials A. J., occupying the linc following the cited stanza, aro those of tlie learned Arngrímur Jónsson (Vídalin), rector of tlie college and dean of the cathedral of Hólar (see no. 1), by wliom, witliout doubt, tlie ‘Calendarium’ was edited.—This, if not the first, was certainly the second Icolandic alma- nac. Bp. Finnur Jónsson (iii., 378), in liis list of the earliest books printed at Hólar, cites one of 157G, as does Ilálfdan Einarsson (p. 175), but the latter says tliat he lias never been able to find a copy. The present ‘Calendarium,’ thougli undated, was printed, as internal evidence shows, in 1597. There is a second copy, lacking the title-folio and folio [2], in tlie Royal Library of Copenliagen, which tlie late Jón Sigurðsson mistakenly rogardcd as tlie edition of 157G mentioned above. Botli tlio present copy (whicli lacks the Gth folio), and tlie Coponliagen copy, aro bound witli tho ‘Bænabók’ of Musculus, issued at Ilólar under the date of 1597 (see the following title). 4. Bænabok [ Litel | Skrifud j f’ysku M;ule | Af | Andrea Musculo Doct: I □ | Anno 1559. At end, Prykt a Holum i Hiallta dal. [ Anno. | M. D. XC. YII. 3. Calenda-lrivm | Islendskt Rijm. So Menn | mættu vita huad Tijmum | Aarsins lijdur, med þui | hier eru eclie a\rleg [ Alma- nach. | Mcd iijtellrc Vtskyringu [ og nöckru fleira sem [ ei er oharplegt | ad vita. | □ [Hólar 1597.] 12.° ff. [30]; sig. A-D, of whicli A, Jí, D in Cs and C iu 12; at the bottom of the title-page is a knotted 12.° íT. [138]; sig. A—M, tlic last in G; tlic circular titlo-page vignette is the liead of Lutlier; tliree-line ini- í tials; paginal catchwords; page-lines, 22 (exclusivo of ; signature line); the title-pago, like all the succeeding pages, is enclosed by a line border; the revorse of the j title-folio, and of tlie final folio, blank. Contcnts:— | Title-folio; preface, Þeim ed Les., f. [2]a, signed Gud- I brandur Þorlaks Son; Registur Þeirra Bæna | sem standa j þessare | Bæna-bok., [2]b ; text, Ein Bæn ad bijfala sig | i Gude, þogar Mad-|ur stendur vpp., ff. [3]a-[136]a, closing

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