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PRELIMINAR Y NO TE. Tlio following list forms tho third and final Supplement to the years 1578-1844 of Thomas William Lidderdale’s 1 Catalogue of the Books printed in Ioeland from A. D. 1578 to 1880 in the Library of the British Museum ’ (London 1885). That publication and tlie three Supplements now completed comprise together 593 titles of books issuod from Icelandic presses bofore 1844. If we join to these tlio additional titles to be found in the already pub- lishod portions of Christian Bruun’s 1 Bibliotlieca Danica ’ (Copenhagen 1877-86) we shall be able to compile a fairly satisfactory catalogue of the typographical productions of Ice- iand down to near the middle of the present century. It must bo borne in mind, liowever, that no inconsiderable portion of modern Icelandic literature has made its way to the pub- lic tlirough tho printing-establishments of Copenhagon; and of tliis no speeial bibiio- graphical survoy has evor beon even attempted. As to tho ancient literature it máy be safely said that the number of oditions and translations issued in Denmark moro than equals those produced in all other countrios, but of these tlio two astonishingly accurate lists of Theodor Möbius (1856 and 1880) afford tlie fullest doscriptions. The collection, of whiclr tho titles eited in tho Supplements forrn a part, now ombraces not farfrom 4030 titles—including nearly ovory publication enumerated by Möbius, besides all the archeological treatises, all the works on the scattered remains of runic literaturo and on Scandinavian mythology, all the annals, travels, natural histories, government doc- uments, ecclesiastical writings, biographies and bibliographies, which can, in any way, throw light on the history, topography, indigenous products, commerce, language and let- ters of Iceland. It lacks very few of tlie editions and translations of tho sagas, the ancient laws, tho Eddas, and tlie skaldic lays, and very few of tlie treatises which illustrato tliom; it lacks still fewer of the strictly linguistic works—dictionaries, grammars, anthologies— relating to eithei' the Old-Icelandic or the New-Icelandic, possessing, to give a single in- stanco, every edition and version of the numerous philological productions of Erasmus Bask. It includes most of the texts odited by Swedish scliolars in the 17th and 18th cent- uries, and all of tlioso edited by the remarkable group of Nonvegian soliolars in the 19th century, as well as every text, translation and tract issuod by the Arna-Magnæan Com- mission, the Lærdómslistafelag, the Boyal Society of Borthern Antiquaries, the Icelandic Literary Society, the Nordisk Literatur-Samfund, the Norsk Oldskriftselskab, tho Þjóðvi- nafölag and the Samfund til Udgivelso af gammel nordisk Litteratur. It lias all the impres- sions of the Icelandic Bible, or of its parts, oxcept the rare New Testaments of 1510 and 1609. Its series of Icelandic periodicals—whether printed in the island itself, in Denmark or in Canada—is absolutely complete ; and all but compiete is its series of laws, oi'dinances and rescripts, regulating tlie island’s affairs, promulgated by eitlier the Danisli or tho Icelandic authorities. Of the geographical descriptions of Iceland, from those published in Hakluyt and Purchas and Bamusius to the voluminous work of the French expedition under Gai- mard—from the earliest dubious noticos of Thulo in tlie medieval chronicles to the recont and

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