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4 PRELIMINARY NOTE. oxact topographical raports of Tlioroddson—scarcely ono is wanting, each and overy puh- Hshedvoyago being present not only in its various original editions hut in all its transla- tions. The cartography of Icoland is especially well representod, beginning with the cliarts compilod to accompany tho voyages of the Zeni, tho editions of Ptolemy and the works of Olaus Magnus, Ortolius and Miinstor, and coming down to the remarkablo map of Björn Gunnlaugsson and tlie marine andcoast surveys issued by tlie Danish, British andPrench governments. As to Greenland tlie collection possesses thoso writings whicli concern tliem- selves with tlie early European settlements in that icy rogion, and with tho fugitive visits paid by navigators from tho Icelandic commonwealth to tlie opposite northernmost shores of the American continent; and as to the Færo archipelago it lias brought together those which treat of tlie Icelandic dialect thero spoken, or of tlie oldor history—the saga age—of the interesting insular group. In addition to its books and pamplilets and jour- nals tlie collection includos a groat number of ephemeral publications—broadsides of va- rious sorts, plaeards, funoral inscriptions, vcrs d’occasion, prospectuses, circulars—and not a few engravings and photographs of Icolandic porsons and places. By the kindness of my distinguished friend, Dr. Björn Magnússon Ólsen of tho Col- lege of Iceland, Beykjavík, the collection was increasod by a considerable number of lack- ing ‘ Aljnngisbækur ’ and ‘Lögþingisbækur’ aftor the manuscript of these Notices had been finaily prepared for tho press. Tlieir titles will be found, however, in the Addenda, beginning with No. 122. During tlio labor of editing this issue I liave been again iargely indebtod, for mueh useful assistance and advice, to my ahvays. obliging correspondents, Dr. Jón Þorkelsson of Copenbagon, and Mr. Ólafur Daviöson; and Idesire, likewise, to cxpress my thanks, for intolligcnt aid in reading the proofs, to my secretary, Mr. Et- tore Sordi. Florcncc (Lungo il Mugnonc 3 A), Mag 1800. W. F.

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