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BOOKS PBINTED IN ICELAND BETWEEN 1578 AND 1844 [thied list]. 1. Passio [ Su Heilaga llistoria, | Ym Pij- uu í Dauda vors | Endurlausnara Jesu | Chrí- sti. | So sem hin H. Mat-[thous hepur hana sam[an skripad. | I sio stuttar Predikan[er saman dreigen. Og a Islenjsku wtlögd, ap H. Odde Einarsjsyne Superintendente, Sehalj hollts Sticktis. [ Prykt a Holum. [ Anno M. DC. XX. Sm. 8.° ff. [60];sig. A—H (tlie last in4); initials and ornaments; runniug-titles and paginal catchwords; ti- tle-page in renaissance border ; 11 nearly full-page woodcuts (ff. lb, 3b, llb, 20a, 27b, 29b, 37a, 38a, 44b, 50b, 51 a). Contcnts:—Title-folio , on reverse cut of the Crucifixion and beneath it the passage: Ecco Agnus Dei, qui tollit l’eccata | Mundi.; preface (Lectori Sa-| lutem), 8igned Oddur Einarsson, and dated at Skálholt in February, 1639., f. 2 ab; text (Fyrsta Predikun— Siöunda og | Sijdásta Predikun) , ff. 3a-6öb, ending witli: Finis., and an ornament.—Bp. L. Ilarboe, in his list of esteemed Icelandic ecclesiastical books (‘ Dii- nische Bibliothec ,1 VII, pp. 647-666), cites this work U8 ono rarely to be met witli in 1747. Ile also gives a list of 8 collectioiuB of liomilies on the Passion—not at all an exhaustive catalogue. The principal predeces- sors of this work were A. Corvinus’s ‘Passio, Þat í]r Pining | Vors Herra Jesv Chri-jsti,’ trauslated by Od- dur Gottskálksson, supposed to liave beeu printed at Breibabolstaður 1559; Johanu Bugeuhagen’s ‘ Historia | Pinuuar og vppri-jsu Drottins vors,’ likewise translated by Oddur Gottskállcsson (Kaupenliafn 1558); Martin Möller’s ‘ Soliioquia De Passio-|no Iesv Cliristi,’ (styled ‘Eintalib’), rendered by Arngrimur Jónsson and first issued at llólar 1599, alluded to by Bp. Oddur in the preface to the book now cited as “su agiæta Bok SOLILOQuIA ”); ‘ Passio | Þad er. | Historian Pij'-| nunnar og Daudans vors | Frelsara,’ translated from the postils of Luther by Gubmundur Eiuarsson, and printedHólar 1600 (B. M. Cat., 3); andMartin Hammer’s ‘ Sid Krossgaungur ’ (Hólar 1618), translated by Arngri- mur Jónsson.—Nowliere does Bp. Oddur iudicate the autlior of the original of the ‘Passio,’ nor the language from whicli the seven sermons aro translated. Ile states that he publishes the volume “med ltaid og samþycke | þess virduglega proma og Gudhrædda Herra, | Ilerra Gudbrands Thorlaks Sonar, Superiuten|deutis Hola Styckis,” and alludes to the possible defects “j þessttm roijuum | Vtleggingum, ” which reads as if the serraons were selected from various sources.—Oddur Einarsson (1559-1630) was tlie fourtli post-reformation bishop of Skálholt—Iceland’s southern see —au olfice whicli ho liehl for 42 years (1588-1630), and in which lie was suc- ceeded by liis son, Gisli Oddsson. In mathematics and astronomy lie was a pupil of Tyclio Brahe, and became rector of Hólar cathedral-school at thc age of 29. He likewise translated the ‘ Kyrkiu Ordinantia’ of Christ- ian IV., published Hólar 1635 (seo Bibl. Not., I., no. 6), and tlio ‘ Kristolegar Bæner’ of Johann Havermann (Avenarius), the latter apparently not printod until some time after his death (see Bibl. Not. I., no. 13, aud IV., no. 28). 2. Sa Gyllene I Skriptargangjur og Ydru- nar Konst, ytdreiigen af Bæn Manasses Kongs.|Ipimm stuttumPredikun|um,Vtskyr- dur ? íioos giordur | I Þyslcu Maale. | Ap. | Doet. Johan Forster, ! j Yittenherg. | Ku a Islendsku vtlagdur | AÍ \ H. Tliorlake Skwla Syne. | So soigo eg ydur, ad Fognudur mun | verda Einglu G-uds yper einum Syjndugum sem ydrun giorer. | Anno 1641. 8.° ff. [101]; sigs. A—X; titio-page and nll Kubso- queut pagesin renaissauce borders ; paginal catcliwords. Contents:—Title-folio , on reyerse only the marginal border; translator’s preface (Aullum þeim Jietta lesa), ff. 2a-4a; Bæu Manasjse, Kouungsins, ff. 4b-Gb; com- ment, ff. 6b-10b; first sermou (Texteíi.), ff. lla-33a; Aunnur Prejdikun, ff. 33b-49a ; Þridia Predijkun, ff. 49b-65b; Fiorda Predijkan [sic], ff. 66a-83b; Fimmta Pre|dikun, ff. 8la-102a; Ein Cliristileg Þackargiojord [#ic], ff. 102b-104b, the page closing with : Ender Bæklingsins, and a small ornamcnt. The final liymn is by Guðmuudur Erlendsson , rector of Fell (d. 1670).— Tlie author of these sermons was a post-reformation divine, .Tohann Förster (1576-1613), professor of tlie- ology at Wittemberg, aiul subsequentíy pastor atEisleben, aiul is sometimes styled the Younger, to distinguisli him from the reformer and Hebraist of tho samo name, who died in 1556. Förster wrote various exegetical and other works—a volume of sermons on the passion by him having likewise been rendered into ,Icelaudic (see Bibl. Not. I., 15). The version of these five ser- mons is by Bp. Þorlákur Skúlason, tho present being the original edition. A second editiou was printed at Skálholt in 1693 , probably the final oue. The citation of one wilh the date of 1697 by Fiunur Jónsson (Ma- nasses Bæn, sem kallaz ydraner iþrótt 1697) being, without doubt, an error, altliough tlie 1693 issue is also cited by liim on tlie same page (III, 678). The full titlo of the lator edition (B. M. Cat., 7 , aud Bruun I., 493) is as follows:— Idranar Iþrott | Edur | Sa Gryllone | Skriptargangur | Manassis Kongs, | Vtdrei- genn ap hans Bæn og i Fim | Stuttum Preíi- kunum ] wtskijrd og Lioosjgiord j í’ysku Mavle, | Ap j Doct. Johann Forster [ Skriftar Professore j Vittenberg I En a Islendsku. wtlogd | Af [ H. Thorlake Skwla-isyne, FordQ. Biskupe Hoola Stiptis,! (Sællrar Minningar)| — | 1-Tyekt j Skalhollte, [ Ap Jone Snorra- syne I Anno M. DC. XCIII. The edition is in 8°, with ff. [2], pp. 1-138, page- number 1 falling on f. [3]b, tlius briuging the eveu numbers on the obverse of each leaf. On tlie reverse of tlie title-folio are scriptural passages (Esaiæ 55. v. 6 og 7. and Luc. 15. v. 7), tbe preface of Bp. Þorlákur boginning ou tbo next page (f. 2a), and tlie text (Bæu Mauassis, Konungsius) on p. 1 , ending on p. 138, fol- lowed, on pp. 138-[139], by tbe same hymn or Þackar- giord (Iliartans Fader eg aumur er) which closed the earlier editiou, the last page euding with AMEN., and a very small ornament. The pages of this 1693 edition havo no borders.—Tlie present copy of the 1641 editiou lacks f. M iiij, and all after M viij. 3. [Postilla | Pad er. | Einfolld, Skijr | og stutt vtlegging yfor þaug | Evangelia, sem veniulega kiend | verda j Kyrkiusofnude- num, a sierhulorium DRottins Deige, x odrú j Loghelgu airid j kring. | Skripud fyrst j ]>y- sku Maile j af M. Andres Pangratio. | En a Norrænu wtsett af þeim | Yirduglega Iier-

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