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IN ICBLAND 29 logue of the editor, Hálfdan Einarsson, at the close, in which he gives several pages of variants. The reprint moreover received its own pagination the paging of the text in the Flokkabok being 81-208.— This issue is styled on the title - page EditioXVI., but is really the 19th edition. See list of editions in Bibl. Not. IV. pp. 5-6. * 82. Lijted | Stafrofs. | Kver, | Med | Catechismo, | Og fleiru Smaxveges. | — | Selst Innbunded 2. Fiskum.|—Prentad ai|Hool- um i Hialltadal, | Af Gudmunde Jons Syne, Ared 1782. 12.° f. [1], pp. 3-48; sigs. A—B; running titles (Stafrofs - kver) ; line and other made-up ornaments. Contenls:— T.-f., on rev. 2 stanzas (Blijda Barn ad- gaidu) ; Stafrofed pp. 3-6; Islendsk Tala, pp. 7-9; multiplication - table (Tabula Pythagorica) p. 10; marks of punctuation, pp. 11-12; rules for the pronunciation of letters especially in foreign words, pp. 12-14; syll- ables (Adkvæden), p. 15; benediction, Lord’s prayer, graces, pp. 16-18; Smminne Catechismus med utleggingu Doct. Martini Lutheri (Tiju Laga Bodord, Trwar-Jmtn- ingen, Drotteiileg bæn Sacramentum), pp. 19-40; Skrifta mmlen (og Bænir), pp. 40-44; Ungmenna Bænarkorn (“I þijnu Nafne uppvaknadur” and “Nu vil eg enn i Nafne þijnu”—both by Hallgrímur Pétursson), pp. 45- 48.— For a very similar A B C - book and Catechism, printed at Hólar 1779, see Bibl. Not. IV. no. 79. * 83. [Tijma« Rijma kveden af Jone Sigurdssyne og Skipa-Fregn, kveden 1734 af Arna Bpdvarssyne. I’riekt i Ilrappsey af Magnuse Moberg. 1783.] 8.° pp. 5-32; sigs. A—B; catchwords; page-num- ber centre of page in ornament; page, 13. 5 x 7.1 page- lines, 30 (second part, 26). This is satd to be the only existing fragment of this Hrappsey edition of these two poems. The title - folio, and stanzas 1 - 16 of the Tíma - Ríma are missing (the title given beingonly amake-shift one) the second piece is, of course, complete. Many of the publications of the Hrappsey press seem to have been issued in small editions. Conienls :— [Title - folio ; pp. 3-4, containing the Tíma-Ríma, st. 1-16]; [Tíma- Ríma, stanzas 17-215], pp. 5-24; Skipa-Fregn, Kved- en 1734, pp. 25-32. The latter poem has in all, 18 stanzas. The whole book is printed, as was then common, as prose, each stanza forminga paragraph.— Jón SigurÖs- son (sometimes written Sigurðarson), the author of the “Tímaríma” died in 1720 (see Jdn Borgfirðingur, Rithöf- undatal, p. 59) ; he was, like his father, Siguröur Gísla- son, sýslumaður in Dalasýsla. The father too was a poet of note, and is known as Dalaskáld (“the poet of the Dales”). Both were men of high character, and there are still cited concerning the son some epigrammatic lines (ascribed to a clever dame of the Dales) : Situr, vitur, hagur, hýr, Heiðurs - mennta glaður: Jón Sigurðsson dáðadýr Dalasýslumaður. His poem was printed for the first time in Copenhagen 1772, with “Aunnur Tíma - Rima Kvedin af Joni Einars- syni lögréttuinanni í Vadlasýslu og buanda ad Hrauk- bæ” (a second satire on the spirit of the age) ; then in the edition here treated ; subsequently in the collection styled “Nockur Gaman - Kvædi, orkt af Ymsum Skáldum í 18du 01d”, published at Copenhagen by Páll Sveinsson in 1832, in which it is the first piece (pp, 1-38), and is followed by the Skipa- Fregn of Árni Böðvarsson (pp. 39- 52);and finally it was issued at Reykjavík in 1884: “Tím- aríma kveðin af Jóni Sigurðssyni sýslumanni. (Fjórða prentun)”.— a 16mo of 48 pages, of which 42-48 were filled by a poem of a very dissimilar sort “Minni Islands á Þjóðhátíðinni 2. ágúst 1874 eptir Jónas Gíslason”. The collection possesses all the four editions. 11 is well enough to note that the Tímaríma, despite its name, does not belong to the class of rimur (see Bib. Not. V. pp. 22 - 23) not being of a narrative character, which the true rímur always are.— The second poem in the unique Hrappsey issue, “Skipa - Fregn” (“Shipnews”) is a humorous piece on the incidents attending the arrival of the first ship in the spring at an Icelandic port after the privations of the winter and has lost something of its living interest since Iceland has become accustorned to the coming of ships irom foreign regions during every month of the year. It is supposed to have been written by Árni Böðvarsson (al- though Jón Borgfirðingur states that he has seen it attribu- ted in one MS. to Gísli Snorrason, who was priest at Oddi from 1747 to 1780). Árni Böðvarsson (1713-1727) is the well-known prolific composer of rímur proper. It seems to be here printed for the first time. It appeared next in Rask’s “Sýnishorn”, published at Stockholm in 1819, pp. 281 -285, the editor regarding it as perhaps the joint work of Árni Böðvarsson and of Gunnlaugur Snorrason (d. 1796 at the age of 83), when they were both pupils at the school of Skálhult. It next saw the light in the “Nockur Gam- an-kvædi”(1832) cited above, and then in the first edition of a miscellancous collection of verse entitled “Snót” (Kmh. 1850, pp. 157-169) and in the second edition of the same compilation (Rvík. 1865, pp. 238 - 248), but was omitted from the third edition of “Snót” (Akureyri 1877). More recently it was inserted complete in the col- lection of student - songs issued by the Society of the Alumniofthe ícelandic College, “Söngbók hins íslenzka Stúdentafjelags” (Rvk. 1894, pp. 36 - 38). All the edi- tions here enumerated the collecdon has. 84. Sorgar - Þánkar | vid Gr0f | þess sæla H0fdíngia | Biskupsins yfir Skálholts| Stipti | Doctors | Hannesar Finnssonar, - eins | hans harmandi Vinar, | þann 23ia Augústí 1796. | — i I.eirárgprdum vid Leirá, 1796. | I'rentadir af Bókþryckiara G. J. Schagfiord. 8.° ff. [4] ; paginal catchwords. Contents :—Title- folio, reverse blank ; commemorative poem (verse 1 - 10) signed at end M. Stephensen, ff. 2a-4b. The present copy is mutilated, but has afew marginal manuscript-notes and corrections.— A commemorative volume on Bp. Hannes Finnsson (1739-1796) wasprinted at Leirárgardar 1797(see Bibl. Not. IV. no. 93). A biographical sketch of him by Jón Sigurðsson with portrait is to be found in “Ný Fé- lagsrit” IX. The “Landsuppfræðingarfélag”, of which Bp. H. Finnsson was among the founders, held a meeting in memory of the deceased scholar, Oct. 7th, 1796, where Magnús Stephensen delivered an address, which is found in “Minnisverð Tíðindi” I. pp. 295 322. 85. Lngadir | Krossskóla Psálmar | þar af 28 orktir | af | Jóni Einarssyni,|Rect. besign. Schol. Hol. | ined | Vidbætir | nock- urra nýrra_ | — | Seljast almennt innbund- nir 12 skildíngum. | I.cirárgprdum.vid Leirá, 1797. I Prentadir á kostnád B. Gottskálks- sonar | af Bókþryckjara G. J. Schagfjord. 12.° ff. [2], pp. 2-92; sigs. A—D. Contents: Jitle-page, the rev. blank ; Til Lesarans, signed M. Stephensen, dated I.eirá 1797, f. 2ab; text (1-30. Psálm- ur), pp. 1-86; Vidbætir (31.-32. Psálmur), pp. 86-92. In the preface Magnús Stephensen says that this edition is printed at the request and wish of many clergymen and
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