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6 BOOKS PRINTED work translated a few other writings of Savonarola. In the preface mentioned above Lindener dwells on the wickedness of the world and considers it wise to be prepared for the end of it in a near future —Oí a Da» nish translation by ISlickel Ibsön there are three editions, Copenhagen 1582,1587 and 1607; a fourth edition appeared at Christiania in 1654 in a volume of some translated religious works edited by Valentin Kuhn. The book was done into Danish from German, as stated in the preface to be found in the first two editions, at the suggestion of Steen Brahe til Knudstrup (1547-1620), a younger brother of the famous astronomerj of the translator we know only that he was from Scania (Skaaning he calls himself), which at that time was a part of the Danish kingdom, and that he lived at Herlufsholm, the estate of the naval hero Herluf Trolle, where his preface is dated.—From one of the first two Danish editions the Icelandic translation was made at the suggestion of Bishop Guöbrandur by Guömundur Einarsson, who at that time (1595-1603) was rector of the Hólar cathedral school, afterwards rural dean of Staöarstaður, where he died in 1648. He translated a few other works into Icclandic (see Bibl. Not IV. 2. and 6., compare Bibl. Not. V. 1), and is the author of one of the Latin poems on Dithmar Blefken (“Ivlos olim fuerat gemmas aurumque coruscum”), published in the “Anatome Blefkeniana”, Hamburg 1613.—Of the Latin original of these sermous we have not heen able to find any edition, and it seems not unlikely that Lindener has selected them from collections of Savona- rolas sermons. On the title page of the Danish edition 1582 it is said that these sermons were delivered in 1498 (“Udgiord... paa latine, idet Aar 1498,” the edition of 1587 has “sammenscreffuen”) and according to that they must be among his latest works, as he was seized in April of that year and executed on May 23d. Like inany other sermons of Savonarola they were probably first delivered in Italian and then translated into Latin and published in that language in order to make them accessible to the whole learned world. It may bcof some interest to quote here Bp. Guöbrandur’s brief account of Savonarola: “I’esse Jeronyinus Sauanarola [ífc] var einn Mukur j þeirre Borg Vallands sem kallast Florentia, haíí predikade hardliga j mote Pauanum j Rom og hans Cardinalum, og þeim andliga Selskap, straflende þeirra rangan Lœrdom, Dramb og Metnad ogvondsligt Lijferne, þar seigest og so vmþenaii Hieronymum ad hii hafe haft Spaadoms anda, fyrer sagt marga þa Hlute sem sijdan komu fram og foerde eitt gudligt og heilagt Lijferne, og sneri mörgum a þan rietta Saaluhialpar veg. Þetta kunnu þeir adrer Mwkar og Papistar ecke ad lyda, þar fyrer komu þeir þui til vegar ad þesse Heilage Madur vard gripeii Og fyrer Guds Ords saker og riettrar og saiirar Kieiiingar heingdur, fyrst, og þar epter brendur epter bode og skipan þess helgasta Faudttr Pauans j Rom.” * 3. Biblia Laicorum | Þad cr | Leilc- maiia Bib- | lia, sa gyliene Catecliismus | þess dyrdlega Guds Mans D. Mar- | tim Lutheri, Loiligrar minningar, sam | settur og aukeii med stuttum einpölldum | Spurn- ingum og Andsuörum, Fyrer | Vngmenne og einpallt al- | muga Folk: I □ I Anno M. D. XC. IX 8.° ff. [124] ; sigs. A-Q (thelastin4); on title-page lst, 3d, 4th and llth lines in red, and in center vignette portrait of Martin Luther; on reverse of title-folio large wood-cut (crucifixion) with biblical passage below; 26 smaller wood-cuts in text; interlaced ornaments on ff. 4 b, 25 a; 29 a, 35 b, 51 b, 58 a, 71 a, 93 a, and 124 a; catch- words; no running-titles. Coníents:—T.-f. (rev. wood- cut); prefatory dedication “Aullum Kiennem0iium | og Guds Ords Þien0rum | j HolaStigte,” ff. 2 a-4 b, dated and signed at end: “Skrif | ad a Holum I. Dag Ja-|nuarij hins nyia Aars | 1599. | Gudbrandur Thorlaks Son;” text (I-LXVII), ff. 5a - 124a, terminating with FINIS, orna- ment and colophon, rev. biank. — An admirably pre- served copy, everyway perfect, with the impressions of all the wood-cuts remarkably clear and sharp. Bishop Guöbrandur says in his preface (f. 2a), as. a reason for the publication of the minor catechism of Luther in a convenient form and with special elucidations of its var- ious sections: “Klaga og marger þar yfer, ad þar sie ecke neitt sierlegt Form, ecke sierlega Utlegging þeirra Greina og Orda sem þesse litle Lutheri Catechismus hefr jnne ad hallda.” And later on he gives the name of the author of the comment, saying “Þa lœt egnu j Nafne Drottins þeiiaii Catechismi Bœkling prentast a vort Mod- urmml, utlagdan wr Saxuersku Mmle, og j 0nduerdu skrifadan af haloerdum Manne sem heiter Johaiies Au- mannus, Superintendens til Syling j Lande Saxen.” ** 4. Christeleg Vnderuiisuu | Vm odaudleika | Sailarennar. | Og | huad vm Sailernar liidur þeg- | ar þær skilia vid Lijk- amann.'Vm |þail seinasta Dage Dom, eilijp-| an Dauda, og Eilijpt Lijp | Saman tekenn j þysku Maile | wr Bokum þeirra Iíeilögu Lœreped-| ra, Lijkaeirnen wr Predikönum| I) . Martini Luther. | Iohaiiis Mathesij. | D. Martini Miri. | íohanis Gigantis. | Enn nu a Islensku vtlögd | Anno | M. 1). C. I. [At end. Pryckt a Iíolum j Hialltadal j þann 19 Dag Nouemb. | Anno M. DC. I.] 8.°f. [1], pp. 3-536+; sigs. A—Gg+. The work complete is to be found in the Copenhagen Royal Library (Bruun I. 215) ; the lacking signature (Hh) containing the remainder of the epilogue “Ad pium Lectorem” signed “Guöbrandur Thorlaksson” — the translator and editor; the index (Hhij rev. — Hhvij rev.); and the colophon as given. The volume has running titles, catchwords, one wood-cut and two 5-line Gothic chapter-initials (pp. 3, II) besides other smaller ones, and printer’s ornaments (pp. 240, 392, 467). The lines on each page number 26, exclusive of the running-title and the catchword. This is, pcrhaps, the first book printed in Iceland, in which the pages are numbered, previous works having either no nu- meration or only folio enumeration (as in the cases of the Bible of 1584 and the “Huggunar Bœklingur” of 1600). The size of the page is 11. 2 x 7. 3 cm. Conlents: — T.-f.; on reverse full-page wood-cut of the ascension ; Formmlen (by Bishop Guöbrandur Þorláksson), pp. 3-10; Vm | Odaudleik | Salarennar, pp. 11-124, ending “Hactenus D. Martinus Mirus;” Aunnur H0pud Grein| Vm Enda Ver | alldarennar, pp. 125-160; Þridie Partur|Vm Vpprisu | þeirra Framlidnu, pp. 161-198; Fiorde Partur | Vm þann sein-|asta Dom, pp. 199-240; Fimte Partur|Vm Heluijte, pp. 241-278; Si0tte Partur| Vm Eilijpt | Liip, pp. 279-392 ; Annar Partur þessarar | Bokar. | Christelegar og Vtualdar Amiiiingar |Heilagra Lœrefedra, pp. 393-533, divided into sections I-XVI, of which the earliest portion is from an “Agioetlegur Tractatus Marci Maruli | Spalatensis Vm Tilkomu 'Christi, til | Domsins, Og huörsu ad öll Ele- menta | og allar Skiepnur munu klaga þa | Ogudlegu a sijdasta Deige” ; sections XII-XIV are sermons by St. Bernard, and XV-XVI sermons by St. Augustine; Ad pium Lectorem, pp. 534 - [539] ; [index, colophon].— Throughout the book the passages from different authors are accompanied by the names of their writers, sometimes by means of a preceding phrase, as “Doctor Martinus
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