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( 735 3 RELATION OF A VOYAGE IN THE NORTH SEA, ALONG THE COASTS OF ICELAND, GREENLAND, FERRO, SHETLAND, THE ORCADES, AND NOR- WAY, MADE IN THE TEARS 1767 AND 1768, BT M. DE KERGUELEN TREMAREC, OF THE ROYAL MARINE ACADEMY IN FRANCE, LIEUTE- NANT, COMMANDER OF THE FRIGATES LA FOLLE AND L’HIRON. DELLE. PREFACE. HIS Majedy being defirous that encouragement and protection fhould be given to the cod filhery on the coaft of Iceland, carried on between the months of April and Sep- tember, the Due de Praflin, minider and fecretary of date for naval affairs, difpatched the frigate La Folle to a ftation off Iceland, to preferve good order among the French fiffiermen, to protect them, and to furnilh them with any fuccours they might require. Towards the end of January 1767 I received an order at Bred from the Due de Praflin, to repair to court upon his majedy’s fervice. I fet off immediately, arrived at Verfailles, and prefented myfelf to the minider, who informed me that he had appointed me to the command of the frigate La Folle, of twenty-dx guns, and two hundred men, for the objeCt I have before deferibed. Although I mud neceffarily on this cruize be fubjeCt to much fatigue and inconvenience, the novelty of it, and the inclination which from my mod tender infancy I had always felt for cruizing, occadoned me an indefcribable fatisfaCtion. M. Rodier, flrd clerk in the navy-office, communicated to me fundry do- cuments and regulations relative to the fllhery in quedion. On the fame fubjeCt I had the honour of feeing the prefident Ogier, who during his embaffy to Denmark obtained confiderable information on this branch of commerce, and had amicably fettled fome difputes which had arofe upon the occaflon of it. He had the kindnefs to impart to me all the elucidation I could require : he informed me that the King of Denmark had granted to a company edablifhed at Copenhagen the excludve privilege of trading with Iceland ; that every foreign veffel, or even Danifh, not belonging to the company, was liable to confifcation if found upon the coads of Iceland ; that the company kept cruizers to maintain its rights, and to capture any veffel infringing them ; that thefe cruizers three years before, had made themfelves maders of two fliips from Dunkirk, which were fold at Copenhagen ; that thefe two fhips had been flfhing for cod upon the coad of Iceland, and were furprifed in a harbour by the cruizers, with wool and other contraband articles on board, but being ambaffador at the time he had reclaimed them, and had them re- dored with all cods and intered. The Due de Praflin ordered me to Dunkirk, to con- fer with the gentlemen of the chamber of commerce on the means of encouraging the fifliery, and fecuring fuccefs, by eflablifliing regulations and a difeipline by which the men were to abide. After taking the meafures neceffary at Dunkirk, and choodng two failors well acquainted with the coads of Iceland, I returned to Verfailles for my lad orders from the Due de Praflin, and proceeded afterwards to Bred to equip my frigate: on the flrd of April die was taken into dock to be careened ; fhe came out again on the third, and the fourth her equipment began ; in order to haden which, I divided the operation among my officers. M. Duchadel, who was my fecond lieutenant, had the care of the dowage, and general infpeftion with M. de la Martilliere, mid/hipman ; lieutenant Le Chevalier Ferron, had the infpe&ion of provifions, with Meffrs. Pehan and Le Rouge, midffiipmen ; M. Lerondel and Le Chevalier Menyeau, midfhipmen, looked to the guns and ammunition; and Meffrs. Dorvault and Menyeau, fenior, to the
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Relation of a voyage in the North Sea, along the coasts of Iceland, Greenland, Ferro, Shetland the Orcades, and Norway, made in the years 1767 and 1768


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Tengja á þessa bók: Relation of a voyage in the North Sea, along the coasts of Iceland, Greenland, Ferro, Shetland the Orcades, and Norway, made in the years 1767 and 1768

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