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G Supplement to the Antiquitates Americana:. expressly for me by my friend F. Cathenvood, architect, who is familiar with the relicks of hy-gone times, having spent many years in wandering among the ruins of the East, and in making researches in the Holy Land. The drawings are four in number. The first (Tali. Ill) is an exterior view, and will convey a correct idea of the ruin as it now is. The second (Tab. IV) is a view of the interior. It is hardly necessary to observe that this is not strictly accurate, as regards relative proportions of the columns in the front and back ground, hut it fully answers the purpose for which it was drawn. No. 3 is a section and No. 4 a ground plan of the structure. Both of these (Tab. V) are drawn from actual measure- ments and laid down upon a scale of English feet as marked on No. 4. In No. 3 A represents a tire place; B,B, recesses or cupboards; C, the section of a window; (of which there are three; viz. one towards the North, one to the South, and one to the West;) D,D are hollow places above the columns, in which we presume originally rested the ends of the timbers that sustained the floor. If so, however, there must have been two stories, in order to have made the recesses available. The space below, encircled by the columns, seems to have been entirely left open, and there does not appear to have been any ram- part, ditch, or enclosure around the structure '. The building is constructed of rough stone, (gray wacke, which abounds here.) laid in courses, and strongly cemented together by a mortar, composed of sand and gravel, which must have been of a most excellent quality, as it has become almost as hard as the stone itself. It ') To preserve the ruin from mischievous injury a fence has in later times been constructed around it; but this as being modern is omitted in the engraving.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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