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8 Supplement to the Antiquitates Americans. rude semi-capitals; upon the inner side, the shaft of each from the base to the spring of the arch is a straight line. The window on No. 1 has slanting sides inclined towards each other, from without, inwards, thus giving it the ap- pearance of an embrasure. It may have been thus con- structed the better to admit light. 1 have little to add to what has already been com- municated to you respecting this ruin. It was hereto- fore stated that ever since it first attracted special notice, it has been called the “Old Stone Mill”. It was also men- tioned that the earliest record we have of it, occurs in the Will of Governor Benedict Arnold which bears date A. D. 1678. The following are extracts from said Will. “My body I desire & appoint to be buried at ye North East corner of a parcel of ground containing three rod square being of & lying in my land in or near the line or path from my dwelling house leading to my stone built wind mill in ye town of Newport above mentioned”. — Again: “I give &. bequeath” &c. — “ye oilier & greater parcel of ye tract of land above said upon which standeth my dwelling or Mansion House & other buildings thereto adjoining or belonging as also my stone built wind mill in ye said” &c. These allusions certainly favor the idea'that the buil- ding was erected for a mill, allhough to be sure they do not conclusively prove it. The structure might have been found here, and by Governor Arnold converted into a mill, as for such a purpose a moveable wooden top like that of a modern wind mill could easily have been raised upon it. Indeed some aged inhabitants of Newport who were living 8 or 10 years since spoke of its having been thus used in their early days.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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