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Supplement to the Antjquitates Americana:. 9 It was also at one period called the Powder Mill; not however as we presume from gunpowder having been manufactured, hut deposited, there, for safe keeping; in other words from having been used as a powder maga- zine; We subjoin the copy of a deposition relating to this and another point, recently furnished us. “Mr. Joseph Mumford now residing at Halifax in the British Province of Nova Scotia, aged about eighty years, formerly of Newport, in the State of Rhode-Island, states that his father was born in the year 1699 in said New- port and that his father always spoke of the Stone Mill in this town as the Powder Mill, and that when he was a hoy his father used it as a haymow — that there was a circular roof on it at that time and a floor above the arches — that he has himself when a hoy repeatedly found powder in the crevices sometimes to the amount of two or three pounds, and has likewise known other hoys to find quantities of it.” Dated Nov. 17, 1834. Signed „Joseph Mumford". The period here alluded to was anterior to the Revo- lutionary war which commenced in 1775. This I mention, as some writers have erroneously stated that the struc- ture was used as a magazine during the last war (1812). It seems from the aforegoing deposition, that the hollow places D,D above the columns on No. 3, may have been made at the time this structure was used as a hay-mow, in order perhaps to place a flooring or plat- form as low as possible and thus obtain more storage room. So that the apparent want of wisdom in placing the recesses B,B (No. 3) so high, is removed, as the reasonable supposition now is, that the original flooring was elevated some feet above the centre of the arches.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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