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10 Supplement to the Antiqcitates American.*:. Among the first settlers of Newport was Peter Easton, who was in the practice of noting down important events and transactions in the Colony. Under date of 1003 he writes: “This year we built the first windmill”. As he enters into no particulars, it is evident to me that the first wind- mill by him alluded to, was a mere temporary building, and not the stone structure. The latter therefore, if ori- ginally a windmill, must have been erected at a later date. As formerly remarked by me, if found standing here, when Newport was first settled, it is singular that a man like Peter Easton should not have made mention of it; whilst on the other hand, if constructed afterwards, hut yet in the early times of the Colony, as in that case it must have been, it is as singular considering the strifes and contentions of the times, and the animosities which prevailed between that and the neighboring Colonies, that the raising of such an unique pile did not attract the attention, excite the fears and call forth the animadversions of some writer of the period. View the subject as we may, difficulties will still meet us. It has perhaps occupied more of my time, and your attention than it really deserves. It was natural however, considering the doubts that exist, for me to direct your notice to it; as I reasonably conjectured, if there were any similarity between this structure and any in the North of Europe, supposed to have been erected about the time of the Scandinavian voyages, you would readily recognize it. The settling of the question, however it may be decided, will be advantageous, inasmuch as it will either advance us one step farther in our investiga- tions, or by removing an obstacle aid in preparing the way for such advancement.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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