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11 SUPPLEMENT TO THE ANTIQUITATES AMERI- CANS, by Charles C. Rafn. (Translated by John M'Caul M.A. Oxford.) In the Disquisitions, wherewith in the Antiquitates Americana'. I accompanied my edition of the Old-Northern MSS relating to the Ante-Columbian history of America, I endeavoured to assign the position of those regions in that country, which were discovered by the Scandinavians in the 10th century, and of the places mentioned in the ancient accounts as having been frequented by them in the times immediately following the discovery. The situation of Kialarnes and Furdustrandir, as also of the "Vxnland of the Northmen, is, as far as I can ob- serve, no longer considered as doubtful. But having ventured to suggest as a probable conjecture, that the ancient Northmen not only made a settlement in those parts, hut also continued to reside there during a consi- derable period — for several generations — it has been found difficult to reconcile this conjecture with the cir- cumstance, that in the district in question there never has been found any building of a remote antiquity, “not a stone which appears to have been laid upon another stone, according to the principles of European Art”. This has appeared inexplicable, inasmuch as the very same people erected in Greenland edifices, of which numerous ruins to this day bear witness of the race by whom they were constructed. To this it must, however, he observed that Greenland was entirely without woods, and consequently quite destitute of timber fit for the purpose of building. The ancient MSS inform us that the inhabitants used to procure drift timber from the North of Baffin’s Bay,
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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