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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americans. 15 THAT THIS BUILDING WAS ERECTED AT A PERIOD DE- CIDEDLY NOT LATER THAN THE 12tH CENTURY. This remark applies, of course, to the original building only, and not to the alterations that it subsequently received; for there are several such alterations in the upper part of the building which cannot be mistaken, and which were most likely occasioned by its being adapted in mo- dern times to various uses, for example as the substruc- ture of a windmill, and latterly as a hay magazine. To the same times may he referred the windows, the fire place, and the apertures made above the columns. That this building could not have been erected for a windmill, is what an architect will easily discern. The nionopteral temples of ancient Greece form per- haps the prototype of such structures of which the early ecclesiastical architecture can doubtless furnish other spe- cimens, particularly in the countries of the South1. As a building of this kind we may mention the church of Santa Maria della Pinta in Palermo, which had not close walls, but only ranges of pillars connected together by arches 2. *) That a similar style of architecture was also known very early in the countries of the North is what we may infer from the accounts given in the elder Edda (Grimnismal 15, 23, 24) of the ideas, which the ancient Scandinavians entertained of the abodes of the gods, particularly of Thor’s hall Bilskirnir. Agreeably to these accounts we must suppose that such a temple was sup- ported by pillars (sluddrj, which were connected together by rounded arches (meet bugum), the intermediate spaces forming many gate ways (dyr). It is however difficult to form any po- sitive opinion on this subject; for at the introduction of Christia- nity into our northern countries all the pagan temples'were entirely destroyed. — ®) The length of the nave was about 30 paces, and its breadth about paces. It was one of the finest churches
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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