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1G Supplement to the Antiquitates American.®. The history of art in the ancient countries of the North, more especially as vegarils architecture, has been as yet but very little explored. There remain, besides, very few structures of the 11th and 12th centuries in such a state as to enable us to trace the original style of building. But as these structures merit by means of delineations and descriptions to be rendered accessible to a greater number of investigators, the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries intend, in their Annals of next year, to commence a series of communications on some of the more important architectural remains of the olden time of the North, for which purpose one of our ablest artistical historians1 has promised his assistance. Referring to the more detailed descriptions to be given in the Annals, I shall at present confine myself to exhibiting, for the purpose of being compared with the ancient structure in Newport, three buildings in Denmark, belonging to the remote epoch in question. Vestervig Church in Jutland situated near the western inlet of Liimfiord. This church, Ecclcsin Scti Thcoilc/ari, belonged originally to the Augustine Mona- which the Greeks built in Sicily. According to Simon of Leon- tino, who was Bishop of Syracuse in the 13th century, it is said to have been erected by Bclisarius in gratitude for a victory which he obtained over the Goths in 535. The account'of this remarkable building, which was recommended to- my attention by Professor Hiiyen, is to be found, in lnvige’s Palermo Sacro, Parte II p. 42-1, according to a MS of 1581. Its northern facade fronted the main street of Palermo, called Cassaro: having sus- tained injury in consequence of the formation of this street in 1561, it was in the year 1648 entirely pulled down. ’) Professor Hiiyen to whom I am also indebted for the following account of Vestervig Church, which he inspected some years ago.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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