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SUPPLEMENT TO THE AnTIQUITATES AMERICAN*. 17 stery of this place, and was founded about the year 1110 in honor of St. Thiiger, St. Theodgarus, who lived in the 11th century, is said to have been born in Thuringen, went from thence first to England, from whence he repaired to Norway and was made chaplain to St. Olave, hut came after the fall of that monarch to Den- mark. The church was not finished till towards the end of the century (1197). This church is an oblong building: the side walls of its nave, whereof one is represented in Tab. VI, are constructed of blocks of hewn granite, and each of them is supported on five semicircular arches, the pillars of which are alternately round and square. The walls rest on the low shafted pillars alone, without being supported by buttresses. This edifice, which has so much in common with the ancient structure in Newport, and, like it, recommends itself to us by its architectural simplicity, has for its model the early style of the Chri- stian Roman Basilica. \ What is also characteristical in the ancient structure at Newport, is the low shafted columns which support the superstructure; they are of unusual thickness both in proportion to their distance from one another and to their height. The intervals between the pillars are equal to about 1^- of their diameter, and the columns, including the base and capital, are little more than three diameters of the column in height. The Crypt at Viborg in Jutland (Tab. VII) under the Cathedral Church of that place, formerly called Ec- clesia Cathcdralis bent a- Maria: Virginis. This church is said to have been originally built in the 11th century during the reign of Canute the Great, or of his immediate successors; but, being found too small, it was during the reign of King Nicolas, about the year 1128, rebuilt from
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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