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18 Supplement to the Antiquitatks Americana:. the foundation on a much larger scale. It was not, how- ever, finished till about the year 11(59. Meanwhile the Crypt may he referred to the commencement of (he 12th century, like that under the Cathedral Church of Lund in Scania to which it bears so great a resemblance 1. Biehnedk Church near Soro in Seeland, first erected about the middle of the 12th century by Ebbe, a son of Skialm White and brother of Archbishop Absalon’s father Asker Ryg2; and it was rebuilt of stone by Ehbe’s son Sune, the hero celebrated in the Knytliuga Saga, who during the expedition against Riigen in 1168 was sent by King Waldemar the 1 to the castle of Arcona to break down the idol of Swantevit. Of this church, which is a round building, tbe Society has had a drawing made for the purpose of inserting it here; Tab. VIII. It will sub- sequently appear in the Annals with a detailed description. In the round building, at equidistant intervals of 1\ feet from each other, are four columns which, including their bases and capitals, are 24 feet in height. From these columns spring semicircular arches, which serve both to connect the columns with each other and also with the outer wall of the building. Here in Denmark there are still other round buildings to be met with from that early period. Of these I may mention Thorsager Church in Jutland, which from its description appears to resemble that at Biernede; and four in Bornholm, viz. St. Laurence’s, St. Nicolas’s, St. Olave’s, and All Saints’ or New Church. See C. G. Bninius’s meritorious work “Nordens iildsta Mctro- politankyrka ellcr historisk ocli arcliiteclonisk ltcskrifning iifvcr Lunds Domkyrka. Lund 1&16. — 23 By this family were erected several other buildings, some of which arc still extant, such as the Conventual church of the Bcrnardincs in Sorii, the churches of Fiennesliiv and at Calundborg.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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