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20 Supplement to the Antiquitates American.®. foet in diameter at the distance of 4-iO feet to the east- ward of (lie church in Kakortok; this is constructed of rough stones of from 2 to 5 feet in height; a third of 32 feet in diameter among the ruins of 10 buildings at Ka- nikitsok or Iglorsoi't in the firth of Sermelik. These lie on an area of about 000 feet in length, which is, as it were, sown with prostrate ruins, now so completely over grown that their original plan cannot with any certainty he discerned. The most discernible is the circular build- ing in the southeastern corner of the area. Very close to it is a ruin about 20 feet long and 16 feet broad, respecting which it is difficult to say whether it was formerly connected with the other or not. These round buildings have been most likely Baptisteries; for it was the practice in elder times to erect separate buildings as Baptisteries, distinct from the churches near them1, it being the received opinion that no one could enter the sacred edifice of the church, until he bad first been initiated by the rite of baptism. As a separate Baptistery we may mention the Constantine Baptistery near the La- teran Basilica in Rome; and similar ones are also found in other of the considerable towns of Italy, for example, in Florence, Ravenna, Parma, Pisa2. Among the ruins of Mellifont Aishey in the county of Louth in Ireland, there is found, close to the Chapel of St. Bernard, an octagonal structure in the Roman style of the 12th century, probably coeval with ') See Eusebius Lib. X hist, eccles. cap. IV. — The Bap- tistery belonging to the Basilica in Pisa, which was built between the years 1152 ami 1160 by the architect Deotisalvi, deserves to be mentioned here as a round building of about the same epoch, but on which however a much greater degree of magnificence has been bestowed; See Theatrum Basilica; Pisana;, cura ct studio Joseph! Martini, Roma; 1728.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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