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Supplement to the Antiquitates American.®. 23 At tlie commencement of the century in question the population of Greenland had considerably increased, churches had been built in many of the firths both in the eastern and western settlement, or Byrj5. Colonies had been settled in Finland, to which country many were allured by the superior mildness of the climate and more abundant supply of the means of subsistence. The same was probably also the case with respect to Markland. The feeling of independence in the hold and freeminded people, the insulated situation of the settlements in so many firths, many of them widely se- parated from each other, and where navigation during a great part of the year was so hazardous, the difficulty or rather the impossibility of any of the Bishops of Ice- land exercising an inspection over the ecclesiastical affairs of the people — all these united circumstances awakened in the inhabitants of Greenland the desire of having a Bishop of their own. They probably under these cir- cumstances applied to Gissur Isleifson, formerly Bishop of all Iceland, hut then only Bishop of Skalholt; for in 1106 a separate Bishopric had been erected at Holum. Most likely in consequence of mutual consultation with Saemund Frode at Odde1, with Thorlak Runolfson and The advice of Sicmund Sigfusson was asked and followed on many important occasions. This learned priest had in his younger years visited Germany and France with the view of there prosecuting his studies. For several years he frequented the school at Paris, where he would have remained, had it not been for his relation Jon Ogmundson, afterwards Bishop of Holum, who also travelled in France and who persuaded him to return to his native country. After his return in 107(J he fixed his re- sidence at his paternal estate Odde in the southern quarter of Iceland. There he opened a school, which Eric Gnupson, whose family resided in that neighbourhood, most likely attended.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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