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24 SuPPLRMEKT TO THK AnTIQUITATKS AMERICANA!. other confidential friends of Gissur, Eric Gnupsox was selected for discharging in the mean time the functions of a Bishop in Greenland — a man of distinguished lineage, descended through the Christian settler (landnumsmann) Orlyg of Esiuberg from the ancient Hersers of Sogn in Norway, and through the district governor (gobi) Grimkcl 1 of Blaskogum from Biorn Gullbere at Gullherastad, who at the first occupation of Iceland took possession of the southern part of Reykiardal1. After having this charge committed to him, hut without as yet being regularly appointed or consecrated by the Pope or Archbishop, Eric accordingly repaired to Greenland- in 1112 or 1113. There under the name of Bishop3 he superintended the church for several years; and accounts having arrived from Vinland of the distressed state of the church in that colony situate so remote from the mother country, he was induced to make a voyage thither with a view of confirming in their faith such of the settlers as were Christian, and of converting to Christianity such as still remained heathen. He subsequently returned to Iceland , probably in the year 1120. Thorlak Runolfson was then Bishop of Skalholt, having been elevated to that chair Landnama 1, 13, 19; collate the Genealogical Table VI in Ant. Amcr. — All that as stated on this subject in the Flatcy-Annals under A. D. 1113, and in LOgmnnns Annals under A. 11. 1112, is “Fertf Eiriks biskups, Bishop Eric’s voyage”. As both these annals make mention under A.D. 1121 of Bishop Eric’s voyage to Vinland, it is probable that they here allude to his voyage to Greenland. — 3) He is styled “Bishop” not only in the Annals but also in the Landnama, where he is called Grwn- Icndinga bisk up. Rimbegla p. 321 gives the List of the Bishops of Gaidar in Greenlandthus: piessir ha fa hi skit pa r vert l a Grainlandi i Goroum: Eirekr, Ilaraldr (ArnaldrJ, J6n kiuilr fknarij, Jon smirill, UeUji, hicolds, Olafr, Bokki, Ami, Alfr.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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