(29) Blaðsíða 25 (29) Blaðsíða 25
Supplement to the Antiquitates Americans. 25 two years previously. To this worthy prelate, his equal in age and possibly his former fellow student, he accor- dingly adressed himself, — to the grandson of Snorre Thorfinson, who was horn in America in the year 1008, who himself preserved and doubtless committed to writing the valuable accounts which we have of the voyage of his greatgrandfather Thoriinn Karlsefne, and of Gudrid to America. Confirmed by his advice in his resolution of repairing to Vinland, and furnished by him with a letter of recommendation, he then went to Denmark, and in the beginning of the year 1121 he was consecrated to his sacred office by Archbishop Adzer in Lund l. He then either went immediately from Denmark to Vinland, or, what seems more probable, be in the spring returned to Iceland in order during the same summer to repair to his new destination accompanied by several clergymen and new colonists. As consecrated Bishop of Greenland, he would begin his functions by taking under his protection the ecclesiastical affairs of the colony which had emanated (from thence, and his first intention was doubtless to re- The Odda-Annals, whereof the first part is ascribed to Bishop Eric’s contemporary, the celebrated historian and antiqua- rian, Samiund, surnamed Frode, i. e. the Learned, and who re- sided at Odde, have under A. D. 1121 “Vigrtr Eirikr Grain- lendinga biskup ftjrrstr, Eric consecrated, first Bishop of the Greenlanders.” It is not mentioned, to be sure, where this consecration took place, but the contemporary Bishops of Iceland are expressly said to have been consecrated by Archbishop Adzer in Lnnd in Denmark, whose Archbishopric extended over the whole of the North; thus Jon Ogmundson of Holum in 1106, Thorlak Bunolfson of Skalholt in 1118, Ketil Thorsteinson of Holum in 1122, and Magnus Einarson of Skalholt in 1134. It may accordingly’, I presume, be considered indubitable that Bishop Eric was also consecrated in Lund.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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