(30) Blaðsíða 26 (30) Blaðsíða 26
2(> Supplement to the Antiquitates American.®. turn to Greenland as soon as lie got these affairs brought into a secure train. But after having arrived at Vinland lie came to the resolution of fixing his residence there. Accounts of Bishop Eric’s arrival in Vinland, and of his abdication of the bishopric of Gardar might as early as 1122 have reached Greenland. Greenland was thus again without a Bishop. One of that country's most distinguished men at that time was Sokke Thorerson, who, like Eric the Red (from whom he was most pro- bably descended) resided at Brattalid in Ericsfiord. In 1123 this man caused the people to he convened to a general public meeting, where he made known to them his advice and his wish - that the country should he no longer without a Bishop1, but that a permanent bishopric should be erected. On this being agreed to, he desired his son Einar to proceed on this errand to Norway, where at that time Sigurd, surnamed Jorsalafare, was King. To him Einar repaired, and requested his assistance; whereupon the King persuaded an able clerk of the name of Arnald to undertake this onerous charge, and sent him to Denmark, where in the year 1124 he was conse- crated by Archbishop Adzer in Lund. In company with Einar Arnald then first went back to Norway, and from thence repaired in 1125 to Iceland, where he spent the following winter at Odde as the guest of Siemund Erode, who, on hearing of his arrival at Holtavatsos, had re- paired (hither to invite him to his house. Having in I12(i attended the general public meeting in Iceland, he in the same year went with Einar to Greenland, where he took ') at lamlit vreri eigi lengr biskupslaust, see the detailed account of this in the chronicle of Einar Sokkasom in Griinlands historiske Mindcsinaerker II p. 669—742.
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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