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ACCOUNT OF AN ANCIENT STRUCTURE IN NEW- PORT, RHODE-ISLAND, THE VINLAND OF THE SCANDINAVIANS, communicated iiy Thomas II. Webb, M. D., in Letters to Professor Charles C. Rafn; with Remarks annexed by the latter. Boston May 22, 1839, In the town of Newport, near the Southern extremity of the island of Rhode-Island, stand the ruins of a structure, bearing an antique appearance, known to the inhabitants and to the numerous visitors, who flock there in the summer season, from various quarters of the Union to enjoy the pure air and the luxury of seabathing, by the homely appellation of the Old Stone Mill. It is situated on the west side, (near the summit), of the hill, upon which the upper part, or rear of the town is built, and is so placed as to command a view of the noble harbor, that lies to the West. This has, for a long time, been an object of wonder to beholders, exciting the curiosity of all who visit it, and giving rise to many speculations and conjectures, among both the learned and the unlearned. But nothing entirely satisfactory has ever been decided about it; it still remains shrouded with mys- tery; and the only reply that can be obtained to any interrogatory, addressed even to the oldest inhabitants, is that “from the time that the memory of man runneth not to the contrary it has been styled the Old Stone Mill.” Every thing about it, as many think, throws discredit upon the supposition that it was erected for a Mill, al- though from what we can gather we doubt not but that it may have been at some period used as such. No similar structure built in ancient or in modern times, for
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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