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4 Supplement to the Antiquitates American.*. any purpose whatever, is to be met with in the vicinity referred to, nor indeed, so far as we have any reason to believe, in any other section of this Country. The State of Rhode-Island was first settled I)y the whites in Post- Columbian times, (using that expression, by way of dis- tinction from the Ante-Columbian times, as, since the satisfactory evidence that has been adduced of the early visits of the Northmen, it would be manifestly incorrect to speak of the period we are now referring to, as that in which the first white settlers located themselves here,) we repeat, the State of Rhode-Island was first settled by the whites or Europeans, in Post-Columbian times in the year 1636. Providence was founded at that period, and was so named by its founder, Roger Williams, in token of God’s peculiar care of him, when he fled from his brethren in a neighboring Colony, in consequence of per- secution for conscience’s sake, and here amid the savages of the wilderness, (who proved themselves friends to him.) proclaimed to all, and maintained for all, entire freedom of opinion in matters of religious concernment. Two years after, viz. in 163S, the island of Rhode-Island, having been purchased of the Indians, was settled; — first at the Northern end, and subsequently at the Southern, that is to say at Newport. The earliest manuscript record, wherein an allusion is made to the stone structure, is the Will of Governor Bene- dict Arnold; this was executed in 1678 being but 40 years from the settlement of the place. In this instrument it is alluded to, as his “stone built wind mill”. So that it will be observed, that even then it wras denominated the mill as though it had been built, or at least used, for one. The question may perhaps be asked, — “If this struc- ture were here when the English first located themselves
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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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