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Supplement to the Antiquitates Americana:. 5 at Newport, would they not have taken particular notice and made especial mention of it?” But on the other hand it may be said, “If it were erected subsequently, is it not reasonable to suppose that such a remarkable transaction would have been duly chronicled?” — The singularity of erecting such a unique piece of architecture, at such a time, would have been noised far and wide throughout the Colonies, and some of the writers, who were taking due note of the events of the day to transmit to the mother country, or for the information of those dwelling in the land of their adoption, would certainly, we should suppose, have penned a line or two in reference to the strange building fancies of the Rhode-Islanders. That the neighboring inhabitants were not ignorant of passing trans- actions in the Island Colony is abundantly evident, and that they watched with a scrutinizing eye every thing that was there going on, cannot for a moment he doubted, knowing as we do that they entertained a great jealousy towards them. But we will not extend these remarks at present. In investigations of this description We should, where there is any rational hope of success, examine into possibili- ties as well as probabilities. I therefore transmit, for your in- spection, drawings of the structure, thinking it at least among the possibilities that your investigations relative to the early history of America and your acquaintance with ancient structures in the North may enable you to throw some light upon the matter; at all events in so fat as to de- cide, if this be probably the work of a period more recent than that of the Ante-Coluiubian settlement of this Coun- try, which in fact I am inclined to think is the case, although my mind is not conclusively made up. The drawings sent may be relied upon as accurate in all essential particulars, being copies from some taken
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(50) Mynd
(51) Saurblað
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(55) Kjölur
(56) Framsnið
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(58) Litaspjald

Supplement to the Antiquitates Americanæ


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