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6 ready made, which he was in some instances desired to copy exactly after the original laid before him, when that original might appear faulty to the Memorialist, even when containing titles of Icelandic books, seemed in a great measure to render his labour nugatory. For duplicates of copies, the one for immediate use, the other intended for the general catalogue, did already, as the Memorialist believes, exist in every particular instance. He did not, at the same time, feel warranted to interpose any objection, or make any remonstrance. If he at times oíFered to do something which more materially and effectually would promote the business of the Library, he never met wi'th any encouragement, or even approba- tion. But from remonstrating more earnestly he was naturally checked by the reflection, that the views of the Curators and the Keeper, with respect to the employ- ments assigned to the Memorialist, must agree. This opinion on the part of the Memorialist was, indeed, at length somewhat shaken by one of the Curators inti- mating to him that the occupations in which he was en- gaged were not certainly the most beneficial that might be. But still the Memorialist, though certainly feeling uncomfortable upon the subject, was left without any express decision of the Curators ordering him to be otherwise employed. No alteration was rnade in his oc- cupations till in the month of October or November last, when, instead of copying catalogues, it was inti- mated to the Memorialist by the Keeper that he wished him to leave the lower apartment, and to attend in the New Library above stairs. The Memorialist accordingly complied with these instructions, though he was well

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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