(11) Blaðsíða 7 (11) Blaðsíða 7
7 aware that this arrangement was far from promoting the interest of the Library, or improving the situation of the Memorialist in point of general usefulness. Yet he con- tinued to give out books, and enter them in the receipU book in the New Library, till about the beginning of March last, at which time Mr. Haig was directed by the Keeper to resume his station in the New Library, and the Memorialist has since been left to feel and consider him- self merely as a supernumerary on the establishment, hav- ing no sufficient employmentof any kind to occupy him. The Memorialist begs to state that he is altogether ignorant of any reasons there could have been for chang- ing his occupation from that which he had of copying catalogues, to that of attending upon the giving out of books. If the former employment was not so beneíicial to the Library as it might be, while so much which was jnore essentiai remained undone, while so many books ac- cumulated without being catalogued or arranged, yet this new occupation of giving out books, however willing the Memorialist must always be to make himself useful in any capacity, appeared less reconcileable to the nature of his engagement. It must be granted that the mere copying of catalogues already twice copied did not appear useful to the Library, yet it might seem, in show at least, to agree with the purpose for which the Memorialist was engaged. No reason for the change of occupation was ever assigned to him ; and he can appeal to the Keeper if there was, prior to or at that period, any cause of difference between them, alleged or real, or such as could make the change seem desirabie to the Keeper. Your Memorialist is aware that the impression has been made or taken,

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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