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8 that the Keeper of the Library and he have quarrelled— that there seems to exist between them a difference so serious, either of temper or habits, that it is impossible they can continue in the same establishment with mu- tual comfort. The Memorialist must consider himself in the wrong, if he were to assign to his own feelings such an importance, that to them any sacrifice should be rnade. He has uniformly abstained from making tbem appear in this matter, even where he thought that he had a claim to the protection of the laws of the land. When assaulted and overwhelmed with injuries without provocation, he abstained 'from complaint. The Memorialist, considering his occupation a peaceful one, wished to go on in peace. To this consideration he sa- crificed every personal feeling; he sacrificed the more important conviction of being prevented from being so effectually useful to your great institution as he wished, and, as he thought, the Honourable Faculty had right to expect. If this was sacrificing rather much to peace, it was móre congenial to the principles of the Memorialist, and would seem the safer course to a foreigner, of whose “ temper doubts had been suggested,” as it did appear from the Keeper’s letter to Professor Ilask was the par- ticular case of the Memorialist. This impression, how- ever little founded, it was the wish of the Memorialist entirely to remove. He flatters himself that, since his arrival in Scotland, he has been eminently successful in this respect. He does not hesitate to challenge any in- quiry which the Honourable Faculty may propose to make respecting his temper. He appeals to the testi- mony of a numerous body of learned gentlemen, to the

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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