(13) Blaðsíða 9 (13) Blaðsíða 9
9 testimony of his colleagues in office, and will abide with confidence the result. But the Memorialist verily be- lieves that, in removing the “ doubts suggested,” he has been successful even beyond his wish, and that he may have inspired one individual at least with the no- tion that he had no temper at all, or that it was equal to any trial which might be devised. After the Memorialist had for some time been em- ployed in the New Library, the Keeper one morning sent him a message, pressingly requesting his presence in the lower rooms. He found him in dispute with Mr. David Haig. The Keeper immediately put to the Me- morialist this question, ‘ whether he (the Keeper) had ‘ ever said that Mr. Haig was a dangerous manto whicli the Memorialist instantly replied in the affirm- ative. The Keeper then ordered the Memorialist to leave the room, addressing him in violent and abusive Janguage. The Memorialist’s having mentioned this to Mr. Haig has repeatedly since been the foundation of a pretext for assailing the Memorialist with rough language, and even some thing beyond that, extremely grating indeed to his feelings, though never in any in- stance or degree retorted from the Memorialist’s side. The Keeper has, on this account, more than once de- clared that he and the Memorialist could not remain in the Advocates’ Library together; and, on more occa- sions than one, peremptorily ordered the Memorialist never again to show himself within its doors. The Memorialist is perhaps wrong in offeringanapology for this matter, which is, so far as known to him, the only ground of liostility on the part of the Keeper. The strong hold of ill will has, contrary to every wish or intention on

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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