(14) Blaðsíða 10 (14) Blaðsíða 10
10 the Memorialist’s side, been raised on this frail found- ation. TheMemorialist did mention to Mr. Haig the ob- servation the Keeper had made concerning him, not with exaggerations, not with sinister insinuations, but rather in tone and language dimitiishing its import. The ob- servation was not made or given to the Memorialist as a matter of confidence, yet was the observation made to himself in person. The Memorialist certainly judged that the Keeper was under a wrong impression of Mr. Haig’s character, and his intention in communicating the remark to Mr. Haig was, that he might embrace an opportunity of practically producing a contrary and better opinion on the Keeper’s mind. If the Memo- rialist was wrong in that intention, or if it was con- trary to the cautious etiquette of a country where he had only resided for three months, he can only say that he is sorry for his limited knowledge of that etiquette, and for his having followed the principle of frankness inculcated by education, and ripened by habit, which always was preferred to that of circumspection by the people and nations amongst whom he lived in his early youth. At the time the Memorialist spoke to Mr. Haig on this subject, his residence in the country having been so short, his practical knowledge of the precept of cir- cumspection could be but very limited; but, even with a knowledge more mature of that principle, the Memo- rialist might have spoken in the same way as he did to Mr. Haig. No harm or injury could be apprehended from his communication to any party. The natural con- sequence of it was one which it is believed has taken place, that an explanation followed, in which Mr. Haig showed to the Keeper that he was under a mistake respecting his

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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