(15) Blaðsíða 11 (15) Blaðsíða 11
11 character, and tlius Mr. Haig obviated the sinister im- pression. On considering this case in a moral point of view, it presents to the Memorialist a new aspect. The Keeper communicates to the Memorialist an unfavourable opi- nion of Mr. Haig :—to all appearance this opinion rests merely on suspicion, for the Memorialist observes that Mr. Haig, in a high degree, enjoys the favour of his em- ployers:—the Memorialist mentions the sinister opinion to Mr Haig, plainly and fairly stating an evident truth— a matter of fact. The question then is, which is more reprehensible:—to state an unfounded surmise, or an uncontrovertible truth ? There is, however, something so very petit in this matter, that nothing could excuse the Memorialist for drawing the attention of the Honourable Faculty of Advocates to it, unless it had been made a pretext of hostility towards him. On Friday the 16th of May the Curators called upon the Memorialist in the Library, and directed him to write a statement respecting his engagement, and the way in which he might be profitably employed in that National Establishment. These orders of the Cu- rators were executed to the best of the Memorialist’s knowledge. The Memorialist first endeavoured to show that the occupations of the Keeper were already so nu- merous, that an assistant was required. This, indeed, seemed to demand little proof. In an earlier stage of the history of the Library, when its business must have been much more limited, the Memorialist finds that a De- puty Keeper (Mr. Goodall) has been employed. Next to that, the Memorialist mentioned some olher occupa-

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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