(17) Blaðsíða 13 (17) Blaðsíða 13
13 sidered would be of some use in a country where northern languages are so little known. The Memorialist, no doubt, did expect the Curators, first of all, to assign to him some such, or any other more useful occupation, wliich they in their wisdom, and from their experience, might devise. But the ques- tion relative to the nature of the Memorialist’s engage- ment appeared completely settled from the beginning, and only to require their confirmation. That they should now view it in another light than they did in the year 1825, was what the Memorialist never did, and never could expect. It was, therefore, not without sur- prise that the Memorialist heard from the Curators the decision that his engagement was to terminate at Whit- sunday 1830, without any cause being assigned for such a decision, and without the Curators ever having mentioned to the Memorialist any dissatisfaction, though sucli was the only ground mentioned in their letter of the 19th of November 1825, on which the Memorialist’s engagement from their side could be discontinued. At the time the Curators communicated this decision to the Memorialist, they stated to him that the reports of his literary qualifications had not been contradicted by any experience in this country—that his moral cha- racter and conduct as a gentleman were unimpeached— but that the difference with the Keeper made it impos- sible for the Memorialist to continue with him in the same office. It is this decision which the Memorialist liumbly wishes that the Honourable and Learned Fa- culty will take into their consideration, and that they will subject his temper, character, and conduct to any investigation they may deem expedient. He hopes that,

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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