(18) Blaðsíða 14 (18) Blaðsíða 14
14 after two years continuance in office, an opinion may have been formed respecting his temper; and whatever further information may be required, will be easiiy obtained through the testimony of his colleagues. In humbly so]i- citing the attention of the Honourable Faculty to this matter, the Memorialist conceives that he is only per- forming a duty which he owes to his own character. He sincerely deprecates every idea of opposition to the Cu- rators, whom he shall be ever anxious to respect and obey, conceiving that he in that only performs his duty, and follows the dictates of his own feelings. But, in this particular instance, he cannot help thinking that the case is not as yet fairly represented to them ; and though the Memorialist did this as well as he was able, he little doubts that he must take upon himself the blame of hav- ing done it insufficiently and ineffectually. The incon- venicnce arising from this will, he hopes, be obviated by the Honourable Faculty’s more mature consideration. It is most certain that the Memorialist could never think of leaving his friends, his country, and relinquish- ing his prospects there, unless he had deemed himself sure of obtaining that protection from law and equity which is the comrnon right of man. He came not to your coast as an intruder, he came by invitation; he conceived—and surely he was no enthusiast in this con- ception—that in foregoing prospects of preferment in his own country, he only consulted his own interests, by dedicating his services to the most generous employ- ers. July 10. 1828. PRINTED BY JAMES RHAW AND COMPANY.

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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