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2 llask’s declining of the office, he was requested to fix upon some other individual whom he might consider eligible for the office in question. In this correspondence it also was especially mentioned that a native of Iceland, cœteris paribus, would be held as the more eligible per- son; and Professor Rask was empowered to tender the office, which first had been offered to himself, to any such person whom he might judge the best qualitied, and to transfer to such individual the same immunities con- nected with the office as had been stated as inducements to himself for accepting it. Viewing these as an ob- ject sufficient to warrant the prudence of the step your Memorialist subsequently took of leaving liis country, and foregoing the prospects he had there, he accepted the terms that had first been offered to Mr. Rask, and came over to Scotland. It is humbly conceived by your Memorialist, that it will be very apparent to every Member of the Honour- able Faculty of Advocates that the only data he could have, on which to ground his acceptance and his views of the office in question, were the terms he specified and detailed in the correspondence with Professor Rask, which both that gentleman and he understood as coming directly and boná Jide from the Curators of the Library, the representatives of the Faculty in cases connected with that establishmcnt. Your Memorialist, not being now furnished with the originals or copies of all the correspondence that took place with Professor Rask, cannot recite the whole of that correspondence in detail; but has the less to regret that circumstance, from his being in possession of a copy I

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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