(7) Blaðsíða 3 (7) Blaðsíða 3
3 of the letter ultimately written on the subject, rehears- ing in substance what had formerly been specified as to the terms on which the engagement was to be made. This letter is signed David Irving, and addressed to Professor Rask, Copenhagen. ‘ Advocates’ Library, Nov. 19. 1825. ‘ Dear Sie—I have at length the satisfaction of ‘ informing you that the Curators have unanimously ‘ agreed to appoint Mr. llepp to the vacant oífice of ‘ Assistant-Keeper of the Advocates’ Library. From ‘ your testimony, as well as from that of Professor Miil- ‘ ler, they are completely satisfied with his literary qua- ‘ lifications, and with the general respectability of his ‘ character; but as some doubts have been suggested ‘ with regard to the smoothness of his temper, they wish ‘ it to be distinctly understood, that his continuance in ‘ office will depend upon his own deportment. This ‘ conditional tenure seems, indeed, to be obviously im- ‘ pliedin all similar appointments; but in the present ‘ instance they think it expedient to make a formal de- ‘ claradon to tliat effect. Mr. Repp will therefore con- ‘ sider himself as nominated to that office, under the ex- ‘ press condition of retaining it so fong as he shail ac- ‘ quit himself to thcir satisfaction.1 On this document your Memorialist would consider hiinself as needlessly and perhaps offensively enlarging, were he now to make any comment upon it. He con- siders it as manifestly and plainly declaring, as usual on

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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