(8) Blaðsíða 4 (8) Blaðsíða 4
4 every occasion of the like commissions, that the situation to which it alludes was an appointment, not of a temporary nature or duration, hut an office to be held ad vitam aut culpam. It was so viewed by Professor Rask, and by your Memorialist, without any suspicion or doubt. The fact of its having been offered to the former gentleman, already in possession of a permanent and highly honour- able office under the government of his own country, was considered by bim, and by your Memorialist, as a gua- rantee very sufficient. Besides, tlie terms of the letter now quoted show that lie was calle dby the Honourable Faculty to a place equally permanent and sure in their ser- vice. The terms ‘ office,’ and ‘ so long as he shall acquit ‘ himself to their satisfaction,’ could leave no doubt, had any remained in his mind, that both these were expressly intended to set forth explicitly an engagement in a per- manent situation on the like terms, on whicli an election is always made to any situation of a permanent nature in the service of any body corporate. With respect to the duties of the office to which your Memorialist was thus called, it was stated in the corre- spondence with Professor Rask, that it would consist in forming such catalogues of their Library as might be re- quired by the Honourable Faculty. It was with a view to that duty especially that tlie person engaged was re- quired to possess a knowledge of the several languages of Europe, both ancient and modern. It was a person possessed of that knowledge that Professor Rask was especially requested to select; and when he did your Me- morialist the honour of selecting him, he did so by com- municating the view under which he made the selection,

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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