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Digitial reproductions

Newspapers and periodicals from Iceland, Faeroe Islands and Greenland
Icelandic manuscripts catalog with digital reproductions
Digital reproductions of old Icelandic books
Images of old maps of Iceland and their history

Icelandic digital archives

A digital repository of academic and research documents
Electronic documents from institutions and companies in Iceland
Íslenska vefsafniðIcelandic web archive
Icelandic web material from 1996 to the present day
Search portal for several Icelandic digital collections
The OPAC for Icelandic public libraries

Foreign digital archives

Find JournalsFind Journals
Catalog of periodicals subscribed to by the National and University Library of Iceland
Iceland Consortium for e-journals and databases

Informational websites

DoktorsritgerðaskráDoctoral theses
A register of doctoral theses by Icelanders
Íslensk útgáfuskráNational bibliography
The Icelandic national bibliography and statistical database
Íslensk bókaskrá til 1844Bibliography until 1844
Detailed Icelandic bibliography until 1844
KvennasögusafnWomen's History Archive
The Icelandic Women's History Archive
KvennasögusafnOral history
The Center for Oral History
Jónas HallgrímssonJónas Hallgrímsson
Dedicated to the Icelandic poet Jónas Hallgrímsson and his works
Translated SagasTranslated Sagas
A bibliography with translations of the Sagas of Icelanders


National and University Library of Iceland
Access to Knowledge for Everyone


On this website you can view digital reproductions of old Icelandic books. The website is operated by the National and University Library of Iceland.

Our goal is to enable access to all Icelandic books published prior to 1870 as digital reproductions.

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