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Most recently added books

Title Author Year
Minning Ragnheidar Gudmundsdóttur
Language: Icelandic, 32 p.
1842 on
Folk, Publicum,
Language: Danish, 48 p.
Grímur Thomsen 1820 - 1896
1842 on
Frithiofs saga
Language: Swedish, 30 p.
1842 on
Stutt Leidar-Ljód handa Børnum
Language: Icelandic, 96 p.
Jón Jóhannesson 1786 - 1862 more Authors
1842 on
Lestrarbók handa alþýðu á Íslandi
Language: Icelandic, 460 p.
1874 on
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Ævi- og útfararminning
Æfi- og Útfarar-Minníng Dannibrogsmanns Jóns Sighvatssonar
Language: Icelandic, 112 p.
1842 on
í Bókaskrá
Nýtilegt barnagull
Nýtilegt Barna-gull edur Stöfunar- og Lestrar-qver handa Børnum
Language: Icelandic, 80 p.
Bjarni Arngrímsson 1768 - 1821
1843 on
í Bókaskrá
Sagan af Njáli Þorgeirssyni og sonum hans
Sagan af Njáli Þorgeirssyni og sonum hans &c.
Language: Icelandic, 444 p.
1844 on
í Bókaskrá
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