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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Tliis exhibition of Ameriean Water Colors and Reproductions of European and American Paintings has been arranged by the United States Government Office of War Information in collaboration witli the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. It bas been made possible tbrougb tbe interest and generous belp of many individuals and institutions to wbom we wish to extend our most sincere tbanks. First of all, we should like to tbank Mrs. Juliana Force, Director of tbe Wliitney Museum, for lier generous assistance in sponsoring this exhibition and for tbe loan of water colors from the Museum. We also wish to tbank tlie following individuals and galleries for the loan of water colors from their collections: Henry Schnakenberg, who also assisted greatly in the selection oj the entire group. C. W. Kraushaar Art Galleries. Associated American Artists Galleries. Ferargil Galleries Frank R. M. Rehn Gallery. In Iceland, particular tbanks are extended to tlie following for tlieir services and help in making possible the presentation of tbis exbibition: Major General W/illiam S. Key, The Commanding General of United States Army Forces in Iceland. Jón Þorleifsson and Guðmundur Einarsson who graciously changed the time of their own exhibitions in order to make the present shoiv possible. The Musicians: Árni Kristjánsson, Björn Ólafsson, Sergeant Reino Luoma, Warrant Officer John Corley and the Army Band. GarSar Þorsteinsson, who loaned the piano used in the concerts. Lúðvíg Storr, who loaned the glass used in framing the pictures. Colonel A. E. Henderson, Base Engineer. Lieutenant Colonel Lee S. Gilstrap, Major Ralph Ruffner, and Stafj Sergeant Ben Cohen of Base Special Service. Lieutenant Colonel Howard C. Price, Jr., General Staff Corps. Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Hoffman, Water Transport Corps. Lieutenant E. W. Linkow and Lieutenant Bernard Arnest, Signal Corps. Corporal R. Heilbron, Engineer Corps. To all tbe above, tbe Iceland Division of tbe United States Government Office of War Information wishes to express its most sincere gratitude. Porter McKeever, Director.
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