(50) Blaðsíða 46 (50) Blaðsíða 46
40 THE NORTH ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. therein would never be disturbed by them even where the water is shallow. Some of the hills on the coast are covered with grass and berry bushes. The climate is not severe. The native ice is not very thick, and if it were the cable could not be injured by it. The west coast in Julianshaab district is settled by some 3000 Esquimaux and Danes. Their houses are to be found in many of the valleys, and the skin boats are to be seen at nearly all times in some of the bays. The floe ice runs northward a few miles from the coast during the months that it is seen on the south-east coast. Between the green hills and the floe the sea is open and free from ice, except, perhaps, here and there a berg may be seen. Icebergs from the east coast and the various “ blinks/5 will be found scattered along the west coast. Some ground on the reefs or shoals, some are blown into the bays, and others pass off, eventually, to the south. Many that are blown into the fiords never return to sea. If the fiords have currents from the interior they are taken out to sea, but if their waters be quiet, as many of them are, the bergs are blown to shoal water and ground. There they remain until the winds, the sun, and the tidal waves crumble them to pieces. Between the Arctic current and the coast many of the icebergs remain for weeks, and, in fact, until broken to pieces and melted. The largest iceberg may be some eighty feet above water, but as to its depth in the water, no one knows, nor is it possible to ascer- tain. The theory as to the specific gravity of ice cannot be applied to determine the depth of any given berg. The ice above water may be the cone ascending from a very broad base. In most cases very high icebergs are very wide below water, and when the base becomes reduced the berg falls, and a new projection is seen from the water. The crumbling of bergs, and the changing of their positions, are to be seen going on at nearly all times. A rough sea soon exposes the form and size of the berg, and a careful judgment can determine the probable bulk. The bergs on the Labrador coast are of the same kind as those on the Greenland coast. They go south in great quantities until checked by the eddy currents on the east coast of Newfoundland. Many of them enter the hays of Newfoundland, and a cable laid therein will be more liable to be injured by the ice than those laid on the Green- land or Labrador coasts. The North Atlantic Telegraph is an enterprise practicable in all its parts, so far as pertains to demonstrated philosophy. In its construction and subsequent operation there will be nothing to discover, nothing to invent; hut we have only to follow the sciences and arts as effective, at this time, in commercial telegraphy, and our efforts will be crowned with a success that will add new glory to the age in which we live.55
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The North Atlantic telegraph via the Færöe Isles, Iceland, and Greenland


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