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IN ICELAND. 5 lauser Menn sier smijda, til | Eilyprar Glö- tunar. | Huar ap ad lioslega ma sia og merk-|ia j huörsu haskasamlegt þad er, ad ! lipa og liggia j Syndönum, og | feggia Synd a Synd opan: | Aullum og sierhuörium til Vidvörunnar I s Aminingar, Ad giöra Idran x yperbot, | og draga hana ecke vndan. | Vtlagt wr Donsku | 1609. | □ 8.° fT. [1G]; sig. A—B; raarginal references. Con- tcnts:—Title-page; text, flf. [l]b-[12]a; Heilræde ad Ma- dur skule ecke | syndga, huor M. Joliaues Mathesi-|us pordurn soknar Ilerra i Jocliims dal | j Þyska lande kiendc Börnura synú., ff. [I2]b-[13]b; Eii oúur gods raans Heilræ-|de ,* [13]b-[16]a, ending FINIS.; reverse of final folio blank. — The tract was printed at Holar, possibly as an appendix to sorae other publication, wliich would account for tlie abscnco of an imprint. The date may bc tliat of translation, of printing, or of botli; if of translatiou only, then tlie book may liave beeii issued with another by tlie samc translator in 1G11 (see Bibl. Not. I., nos. 3 and 4.) The rendering is that of Bp. Guð- brandur Þorláksson from the Danish original of Bp. Niels Lauridsen Arctander, published at Copenhagen in 1G07 under tlie following titlo (see Bruun, Bibl. Dan., col. 305):—‘Dct hollige Fader Vor i Boner af Scriffton forklarct. Syndekiæden , vdi tolff Lcd forfattet.’ The piece (ff. 12b-13b), from the German of tho lteformor Joliannes Matthesius (1504-15G5), also forms a part of Arctander’s Danish work, but the hymns to be found tliere are omitted in tho vcrsion. 10. Manvalo j Þatl or. [ Handbokar[korn, Huornpn Madur eise j adliga Christelega, og Dey jia Oudlega. j Skripad j Þysku Matlo | Af D. Martino Mollero | Med h'ns oigen Formada. En nu vtlagt Jieim til Ga|gns og Gooda, som slijku viljia giegna. | Þryokt ad nyiu a Hoo- lum | Ano. 1645. 8.° ff. [144], of whicli tlie last is blank; sig. A-»S vij. Contcnts4 quotations from tho Fathers, f. [l]b; preface, Formaale, ff. [2]a-[ll]a; 4 quotations from the Fathers, [ll]b; text, lleilsusamleg | og raiog god og gagnlegVnd|ervijsan, [12]a-[113]b, closing with : AMEN | Ender., followed by tlie tinal blank-leaf. A small por- tion of the text is in verse, and is so printed, ff. [llG]a [121]a. See previous list (Bibl. Not. I., no. 3) for tlie lirst edition. The contents of tlie two are identical except tliat tho edition of 1611 has an additional section, (Vm Glede Guds Barna j a Doms Deige.), occupying the four fiual foiios; this of 1G15 terminatcs with the prayer: Herra Jesu Cliriste, Sonr Lijpanjda Guds, Gjef ]>u oss Eyru. See the following title (no. 11). 11. Manuale. | Þad er. | Handbokarjkorn, Huornen Madur eigo | ad lipa Christolega, ? Deya | G-udloga. ! Skrifad j I^ysku Ma\le | Af. | D. Martino Mollero. | Med hns eigen Fórmav la. | En nu vtlagt þeim til Ga|gns og Gooda | sem slijku vil|ia giegna. } Þryckt en ad nyu a Hoolum. | Anno. 1601. 8.° ff. [140]; sig. A—S (tlie last in 4); running titles and catchwords. ContcntsTitle-folio, on roverse mot- toes from Cliurch-fathers with Icclandic translations; preface, ff. 2a-lla, signed Marth. Molle. [aic]; passages in Icelandic from Fathers of the Churcli, f. llb; text, ff. 12a-139a; Eirn godur Bænar Psalmur (Miu Herra Jesu Madr % Gud),ff. 139b-110a. Tlie work apparently - ends with AMEN ou f. 140a, (rcvcrse blank?). — This seems to be tlie third impression of the ‘Manuale’ of Martin Mölier the elder (see note, Bibl. Not. I. no. 3), and no. ÍO of tlie present issue. The editions, in all, would bo 1611, 1G45, ÍGGI, 1711 and 1733 — of wliich thc collection has all but that of 1711. 12. Historia. | Pijnunnar og | Daudans Drottins vors Je|su óhristi. Epter Textans einpalld-jre Hliodan, j sio Psalmum yperpa- ren, | Ap S. Gudmunde Erlends | Syne. | En ap S. Ilallgrijme Pot-|urs Syne, Stuttlega og einfalldlega |'vtpydd, med sijnum sierlegustu Lærdoms greinum, I pimtiju Psalmvijsum, Gudo | Eilijpum til Lops og Dyrdar. ! I Cor. II. |Pier skulud kungiora Dauda DR-|OTTins, þangad til han kiemur. \ Þryckt a Hoolum i Hiallta | Dal. Anno 1666. 8.° ff. [120]; sig. A—P; initials and ornaments ; pag- inal signatures and catchwords; no running title; page- lines, 23, exclusive of the signature line. Contents:— Title-folio, revcrse blank; Historia Pijn|uúar og Daudans DROT|tins vors Jesu Christi. I Sau|ngvijsur snueú., being 7 hymns by Guömundur Erlendsson, pastor of Fell (d. lG70),ff. [2]a-[20]b; tlie ‘Passion Ilymns’ of Ilallgrímur Petursson, witli the following sub-title at the liead of f. [21]a: Epterpylgia peir Fimmtiju Passiu Psalmar (S. Hallgrijms Pet urssonar) Med Textans Vtskijr ingu og Lærdomum. followed by the text (I Psalmur.), whicli ends AMEN., f. [114]b, 9th line, succeeded by the famous funeral hymn, Alt eins og blomstrið eina, liere.published for tlie first tirae, with the hoading:—Ein stutt Vmþeinking Daud|ans, Ton, Dagur j Austre ollu., which ends f. [11 Glb with AMEN. and Hier endast Passiu Psalmar S. Hallgrijms Peturs Sonar. witli a printer’s ornament below; two Nvárssálmar, or New Year hymns, by GuÖmundur Erlendsson, under a sub-title beginning: So ad Jiesse Blod sem epter|fylgia sieu ecke aud, ff. [116]a-[120]a, closing witli FINIS. at tlio bottom of the page, reverso blank. — Tlie work, tkerefore , includes tho original odition of tlie celebrated ‘Fifty Ilyrans on the Passion’ by Ilallgrímur Pétursson. Tlie volume is very neatly printed, and is of considera- ble rarity. Editions of tiie ‘Fifty Passion Hymns.’ The most correct and complete bibliograpliical record of tlio various editions of the ‘Passíusálmar’ of Hallgrimur Pétursson is that which lias appeared, since tlie issuo of ‘Bibliograpliical Notices’ I, iu tho first volume of tlie beautiful momorial edition of the poet’s ‘Sálmar og KvæM’ (Reykjavík 1887), in wliich it occupics pp. 381-38G under tlie titlo of “Yflrlit yfir prentanir sálmanna.” Tho following enuraeration of the editions closely follows that list; an obelisk (f), prefixed to tlio number, indi- cates that the issue has not yetbeen added to the collcc- tion: — lst edition, Ilólar 16GG. — The one just deseribed above, inwhiclithe ‘Passiusálmar’ have no distinct titlo- page, and aro prcceded and followed by hymns writton by Guðmundur Erlendsson. 2d cdition, Ilólar 1671. —In the Ilymmal publisliod in tliat year (ff. 26b-87a); see no. 16. To this edition, tlie last issued during tlie life-time of tlie author, wlio died tliree years later, tliere is likewise no special title- page. f 3d edition, Hólar 1G82.—This, like its two pred- ecessors, was printed during the period of Bp. Gísli Þorláksson’s supervision of the Hólar press. 4th edition, Skálholt 1G90.—Seo no. 34. The first edition undor Bp. Þóröur Þorláksson, by wliom tlio toxt was freed from many corruptions. 5th edition, Skálholt 1G9G.—See no. 39. Thc final edition issucd at Skálholt, likewise under the diroction of tlie book-loving Bp. Þórbur. Gth edition, Ilólar 1704.—See no. 33. Propared for the press by Bp. Björn Þorleifsson (d. 1710), witli an introduction treating, among other tliings, of the art of song, and a preface relating to tlie character of tho edition. Scvcral changes were madc in tho text, and many marginal references to tlie Scriptures inserted, under the special direction of Jón Gunnlaugsson, dean of tho catliedral of Ilólar. Tho edition was sharply criticized. 7th cdition, Hólar 1712.—Soe no. 39. Issuod two years after Bp. Björn’s death. Both his introduction and preface are omitted, as are also the scriptural references, but some of tlio textual changes are still retained. 8th edition, Hólar 1722.—See Bibl. Not. I., no. 29. Printed from the next preceding edition, with tlio addi- tion of two kyinns at tlie end, one from the Gerinan.

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