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12 tions,-as yet not taken in hand, whieh might be allotted to him. The Memorialist has the satisfaction to believe that his views respecting this matter were not disap- proved by the Curators. He mentioned, in his statement to the Curators, the completing of the Catalogue of Count Palatine Die- trick’s Collection of Tracts, so highly commended by many learned authors. The preparing of a Catalogue of all the Manuscripts in the Library, while none has been made hitherto which gives any satisfaction. The composing a Catalogue of numerous Tracts, hitherto uncatalogued. The composing of a Systematic Catalogue, in compli- ance with a wish so repeatedly expressed by the Honour- able and Learned Faculty. The preparing of a Catalogue of more important Books in which the Library may be considered defi- fícient. For this purpose the Memorialist intended to use the Literary Journals of the Continent, and to take care that none of the importont works published abroad should be overlooked. Into this Catalogue the Me- morialist wished to insert all such books as he should find entered in the Honourable Faculty’s Album, and to submit the whole to the inspection of the Curators at stated periods, that they might, out of this Catalogue, select what should appear most immediately wanted, whenever the Library’s funds should be ample enough for immediate purchase. The making a fuil Descriptive Catalogue of the Col- lection of Northern Books, which the Memorialist con-

Unto the honourable the Dean and Faculty

Unto the honourable Dean and Faculty of Advocates,

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