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[ *4 ]' to the church, placed cn the altar, and fymbo- licajly facrihced to the true God •*. The national affemblies of the heathens com- menced with the bloody worfhip j and the Chrif- tians pafled a law, that on fuch occafions a Have fhould be made free, and the expence of the feaft, at which he obtained his liberty, defrayed by the public f. It had through ages been the cuftom of all the heathen nations, to exercife an arbitrary power over their new-born children, for it was left to their own pleafure, whether they chofe to have the trouble of nurfing thefe harmlefs beings, or deftroy *r Atta Sanflorum Julii, tom i. pag. 439. Mezlaus Princeps gravi fufpirio frendens in femet ipfo, Deum ait, teftem invoco—quod hunc pro honore Dei omnipotentis et amore Domini mci Epifcopi abfolvo. Statimque, miffis fatellitibus fuis, ergaftulo eum tenebrofo produxit, et ma- nibus fuisaltari fuperimponens, holocauftum eum in odorem fuavitatis obtulit domino, et mox vincula ejus folvi manda- vit. Conf. Sefridi Vitam Ottonis Epifcopi Bambergenfis Adla Sanft. Julii, t. i. p. 418. feq. + The ancient Norwegian law before the year 1222. Part i. c. 3. “ We fhall manumit a Have in our annual af- “ fembly at Gula ; each member fhall emancipate his Have " by turn ; and the whole affembly lhall pay fix ounces of ,f filver, in order to defray the expences of the Feall of “ Liberty. Whoever does negleft to procure a flave in his ff turn

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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