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[ 3* 3 admail property, to be cultivated when they arc not employed in their matters fervice. Let the propagation of the (laves be encouraged by pre- miums to be divided between the parents and the matter. Let all children of (laves born in a Chriftian country be free, and let them be edu- cated at the public expence, as in the Foundling Hofpital and the Workhoufes. But if this be too much to attempt, let fuch children ferve only a certain number of years, to repay their matter the expence their fupport has brought upon him. By humane treatment, and afliduous inftru&ion in divine and moial truths, the Da- nifli mifiionaries, and the Moravian brethren, have been of great comfort and utility to the Dani(h Negroes: thefe (laves become virtuous by the aid of fuch preachers, and the hope of certain liberty, appears to influence their minds with fuch principles as are an ample recompence to themfelves, and a fource of unftained riches t© the public. FINIS.

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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