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[ 29 ] . Trade has ceafed, will have no other effectual method of fecuring his dreaded foe *. For thefe reafons it appears to me that the abolition of the Slave Trade is by no means ad- vifeable, with a view to Chriftian duty and bene- volence, as it alfo appears impracticable in the light of political intereft. How can Europe, who divides her regards between philanthropy * The cruelty with which Roger Hoveden and the author of the life of St. Elphege charge the Danes, is owing to the above-mentioned reafon. The Danes had no market for Haves in England; and they could neither give a lhare of their provifions to their captives, nor detach a body of men from the army, to keep in order fuch an immenfe number of Haves, whom they knew would un- dertake any thing which might reltorc them to liberty, and enable them to harrafs their enemy. Under fuch circum- llances, the Barbarians had no other alternative than to put their captives to death ;—death was perhaps far preferable to a dileafed life confumed in a horrid dungeon, which often has been the cafe. Vita Sandli Elphegi in Whartoni Anglia Sacra. Igitur ex omni numero, qui adoflo millia hominum prxtendebatur, quatuor folummodo monaftics profeffionis oftingentos autem inferioris ordinis viros remanfifle acce- pimus, quos primurn beneiicii gratia computatos, deinde verberibus acriter exaratos,aut pecuniariaredemptione dignos judicaverunt, aut fervilibus mancipandos operibus fecum abduxerunt. Roger Hoveden, fol. 247. b. Grex mona- chalis et turba virilis, fed et muliebris necnon infantilis decimatur, nonjem trucidantur dccimus •viler refer-vatur qua. tuor monaciiis et o&ingensis decimatorum fumma perfici- tur, c? and

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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