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[ *4 ] (lave who deftroyed his infant child, was confi- dered as one of the greateft offenders, but as they had no capital punilhments in Norway at that time, the punifhment was being fold for exportation. The (lave had fome property ac- cruing from his own induftry *, when not em- ployed in his mafter’s lervice; a property which fometimes enabled a fkilful Have to recover his liberty. The mafter of a Have could not refufe him his liberty, when offered the purchafe mo- ney; nay, it was fufficient if half the fum was delivered f. The manumiffion prefcribed in the * Snorro Sturlefon’s Hifloria Rer. Norvegicar. Havn. 1777. vol. ii. in the Life of King Oluf. The king dilTa- tisfied with fome great men in the county of Thrundhem, which then laboured under fcarcity, forbid the inhabitants of the fouthern parts of Norway to give even the leait re- lief to their brethren in the north. A near relation of the famous Einar Thambelkielfer came to him, and alked for corn j Einar having fully explained the impropriety of complying with defires contrary to the proclamation of their royal mailer, faid, “ My Haves, for whofe adlions I “ am by no means legally bound, polTefs corn in plenty ; “ it is their property, and they can difpofe of it according “ to their own pleafure.” It fecms as if the flaves in Den- mark have enjoyed the fame privilege, for Elnoth, in the life of Saint Canute the king, fays, “ Servos manumilfos " et praprii fit dorh labore pretio acquijito retiemptos libertati " public* adjudicavit.” See J. Langebeck’s Script. Rer. Danicar. t. iii. p. 352. • Frollathing’s Law ofHacon Haconfon, part i. faid

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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