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C 6 ] “ expefted to find every thing in his pofTeffion “ which he might wifh to buy.—Gilli enquired <c what he wanted :— one of Hofkold’s attend- cc ants anfwered that he wanted to purchafe a “ maid-flave, if he had any. Gilli replied, No “ doubt you intend to rally me, for you pro- tc bably guefs that I have not what you afk for ; “ but in that you are perhaps miftaken. Hof- " kold having call his eyes round the tent, ob- “ ferved it to be divided with a curtain fufpended tc in the middle, which on being drawn up dif- “ clofed twelve women. Gilli on this invited “ Hofkold to approach, and take his choice. “ Hofkold accepted the invitation; and, after a “ clofe infpe&ion, fixed on one, feated laft of all <c next the tent, and of courfe lefs confpicuous,— ft notwithflanding the meannefs of her drefs, her “ beauty fhone throughout fo irrefiftibly, that “ Hofkold was immediately captivated with her “ charms, which convinced him of her illuftrious *c defcent. The price fet on her amounted to “ the weight of three marks of filver. It feems <c to me, faid Hofkold, that you place too high “ a value on her, in as much as this appears to “ be triple the price. Gilli acknowledged he “ was in the right, as he efteemed her beyond <c the reft; at the fame time acquainting Hofkold, “ that if he gave her up, and chofe any one of “ the reft, he fhould have one of them for one “ mark

An essay on the slave trade

An Essay on the Slave Trade.

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